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    Splinter Cell Blacklist No Michael Ironside Petition Forum

    I'm creating this forum to petition Splinter Cell Blacklist because Ubisoft decided to cast the voice of Sam Fisher to some one other than Michael Ironside. I have nothing against Eric Johnson, the new voice of Sam Fisher, but he is just not the voice of Sam Fisher. Michael Ironside created the voice of Sam Fisher and to all the fans of the Splinter Cell series his voice is Sam Fisher's. This is decisions to switch the voice of Fisher is not one that fans have been asking for. It shows the lack of knowledge by Ubisoft to make this big change. What I am asking is for Ubisoft to make the switch back to Sam Fisher's original and true voice, that is Michael Ironside. So for everybody who supports my claim, please comment on this thread by asking Ubisoft to once again cast Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher.
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    OMG! I can't believe this is happening.... Sam Fisher is actually like a role model to me. The changing of his voice is actually disgraceful. I love the games, every single one of them! This one just wont feel the same way without Michael Ironside. Every time i hear Erics voice i know it will disappoint me to....I really don't know if i will buy this game. Hate to say it Ubisoft but your really letting me and thousands of others down. Look at all the **** your causing with all your fans regarding the voice change. Don't slack out Ubisoft! Man up and get Ironside back!
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    This is ridiculous! I got so excited when i saw the trailer was released, even more excited to hear Sam (Michael) voice again. I cant describe the feeling i got when i heard Erics voice.....I hope you know what your doing Ubisoft. Your launch day is not going to be as big as you may think if you keep eric as sam. I promise that
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    M. Ironside is S. Fisher

    WTF is UBISOFT doing!!!!! Splinter Cell is one of my favorite franchises because Michael Ironside did an amazing job as Sam Fisher for over a decade!!! You cannot replace him and expect the loyal fan base to accept this horrible decision. Bring Ironside back as Sam Fisher, or retire them both and reboot the Splinter Cell Series with a new agent/character. This "BAD" decision to replace Michael Ironside with Eric Johnson as Sam FIsher is right up there with the NETFLIX price hike & the NFL Saints Bounty program.
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    Bring back Michael Ironside. Sam's gruff, brutal voice was perfect. Whenever I hear Ironside speak, I instinctively think "Sam Fisher". That's just how it works, and I don't understand why they decided to change Sam's voice after FIVE games. Changing the character for the final game in the series? Not what I would have done. Who cares of Ironside can't participate with the MoCap technology? I'd rather have Ironside's voice than a 100% realistic-movement game anyways, just look at the original Splinter Cells! And even though they changed the game completely with "Conviction", at least we got to hear Sam Fisher's voice. That much has stayed the same throughout every game, even if the gameplay has radically changed.
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    I agree with everyone posting so far up to a point. While I agree that noone was asking for Ironside to not come back as fisher and I also agree that the new guy doing the voce is absolutely horrid and in no way reflects the gravity of the character with any depth or warmth and sounds like a guy reading a phone book. I don't think that the issue is that noone else can play sam it's that we need somone to play sam that is a good actor and lending some gravity to the voice work. Also the continuity of the character needs to remain intact. If your sudenly making Sam younger why keep it sam. After the last game they could have easily made this a completely new Splinter Cell agent so there was fresh ground to tread.

    As it is, taking the classic character name and revoicing him is compleately ruining the character for me and many fans. I can honestley say if I don't see any trailers with better VO acting from this guy even with a return of the merc vs spy gameplay in multiplayer I dont see myself buying this Splinter Cell at all. I personally have purchased every game in the series and am invested in it for the story (although last games was lacking big time) but this seems like such a drastic departure and ultimately an unecessary one that reduces the gravely voiced 40 something into a 20 year old looking jack bower wannabe. I dont want a 24 game I want a serious stealth game that is what makes splinter Cell different from Assassins Creed. I dont need Assassins creed with guns I need stealth and a serious story that requires it. I'm glad that from the video it appears they got rid of the stupid black and white color shift on damage but the voice acting sounded so berift of personality that it really sank the entire reveal into meh territory for me if this is all they got cooking for the new sam this is a serious pass for me.

    To be fair there is probably alot more for the character to say and do in a 20hour game then could ever be shown in any trailer but what was said seemed so ethan hunt mission impossible wannabe cool it really didnt matter. I want a sam who sounds like a grizzled war veteran who's daughter was almost killed not a 20 year old who's voice just cracked, that sounds like he is phoning in his lines and has no sense of the danger of his mission or a sense of urgency in his voice. The level of acting talent between Ironsides and the new guy is so immediately apparent it is jarring. If your trying to turn Splinter Cell into Uncharted get the guy who plays Nathan Drake and hire some Naughty Dog staff writers while your at it because the last splinter cell played out like a bad season of 24.

    Maybe the new guys dont get it. Splinter Cell was Metal Gear but better because it took a realistic approach. Not because it was a cartoon. The longer this series runs it seems to be taking the more cartoony unrealistic Metal Gear approach and at the same time alienating fans. They need to remember they already have an action stealth game at Ubisoft and get this game back in line with it's origins. More political intrigue less Michael Bay boom boom. This new voice actor however needs to be replaced. If you know your replacing a storied guy who has played this role for over the past decade or more how in gods name do you not even attempt to totally sell the character and put out a trailer that sounds so bland it's like a studio guy said hey lets just cut this old guy's salary off the project and have the stunt guy do the voice, gamers wont notice.....wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong....

    Fans don't need another stereotypical dude bro 20 something aryan superhero that is not what Sam fisher was he was different for many reasons one of the most imprtant being personality. This new guy lacks it completely. Sam was about the wise cracks the side thoughts the commentary during the mission or the interogations this guy is dude broing it up and is not even acting like the Sam we know. It's not the same Sam, it never will be till you get the right guy with the same level of intensity and personality. Obviously noone is immortal and eventually ironside will get to old or just not want to do it anymore, so eventually you will need a new guy but till then dismissing him for not only a new actor but a poor voice over actor is about the worst kiss of death you could have given to this struggling series. I love Splinter Cell, I could possibley embrase a new Sam if written and acted believebly what your showing me so far however is not making me a believer at all.....
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    I won't be buying this without Ironside.

    I will very simply say that I will not play or purchase a Splinter Cell game where Sam Fisher is not voiced by Michael Ironside.

    If Mr. Ironside did not wish to reprise his role, I might understand. It's his choice. But if you are telling me you made a conscious choice to replace him with a younger actor to simply do mo-cap, this is where I stop playing. Sam Fisher, being in his mid to late 50s, is NOT too far a stretch for Mr. Ironside. To try to bulls$@# us into thinking otherwise is just asinine.

    You, Ubisoft, are morons. I won't be buying this game. I'm glad Conviction was great, it'll be the last one I ever play. I just hope other fans have the will to leave you in the pile of crap you've created.
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    Either change back to Michael Ironside's voice, or have a new character entirely while keeping Eric Johnson's voice.
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    You just shattered all my dreams and hopes for this game You CANNOT replace Michael Ironside!
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    Originally Posted by jet.penafuerte Go to original post
    either change back to michael ironside's voice, or have a new character entirely while keeping eric johnson's voice.
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