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    Ubisoft: Consider the Following for MP

    Dear Ubisoft,

    As a respectful player who enjoys playing the MP as it was intended to be; using Tactics and skill, communication, and devising the right strategy/counter for the situation at hand has brought some incredible moments in this game. But it has become a love hate lately, and more common than it should be.
    • The 1st issue, is with the connection to lobbies or games in progress, as I am either dropped or disconnected from my party and this happens way to often.
    • The 2nd is with the connection of the games, and host migrations. I do think restarting the map and the current objective is a better alternative than a completely new game.
      The 3rd is the Stun Gun.
    • Used correctly and it becomes a viable tool for providing intel for your team. But, with every great tactical advantage comes with its opposite failure, abusing the Stun Gun. If you made this weapon only usable a few times, lowered the points for doing it, and made it something that requires reloading (or lower the clip size) I do not know. But I strongly think the use for abusing it skyrockets when you make it worth so many points - ie. people who are narcissistic and do not care about team work, yeah I'm talking to you.
    • The 4th is the bugs, and other glitches (i.e falling under the map/shooting through the map)

    In regard to the stun gun, I love it. It helps greatly as another way to neutralize and overcome the enemy. But its too OP, and I even said this during the beta. But, you make it even more powerful and award more points. Not good... It is tough, and therefor should get points the 1st time used. Then, decrease the amount of points by a 3rd each time. Or make it so that if full teams are just doing this, exponentially make the points lower. It sucks when something originally was planned to be used correctly, and most people do. But, when it is abused it is bad, and that can go with many things. Moderation is key, and please consider the points I have made.

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    Just seen a post about how Ubisoft plans to fix some of the MP glitches. A full report would be great, and I'm sure they will deliver. So just sit tight, and things should get a little better here soon.
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