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    Ubisoft's strategy with POP

    Hi,This is my first post in this forum.I created this account just to post my feelings with POP and UBI for so long.It could help somebody.
    Well,this is a gamer from Bangladesh.Whats up everyone?
    We are getting 3 and half year almost,we haven't get any GOOD POP game.
    Now come to the point.Why Ubi is neglecting this genre?Obviously for business reason,sure.And then I ask to those policy makers.How did SCEA do the job with god of war series?
    If they can build such beautiful IP in this action adventure genre then why you can not?
    Older POP series is complete and dead.We do not need any prequel of that series.And if(a bunch of if's actually) new POP2008 can not do the trick as POPSOT->WW->T2T did, then we can think of a new IP,do not we?
    You are feeding stealth guys with AC.But don't you think that there are millions of guys out there for dice-slice-hack-slash-adventure-myth-puzzles too?
    I mean I can recall the dynamic cinematic camera system implemented into POP2008.It was just wonderful.Would you just throw away those C# scripts in the middle of nowhere without even a try? You just need to revamp two thing.One is audio,really strong one,beautiful and matched.And a very good story-plot.Feed us and we will surely give'em back.Ignore our voice and loose us like me.Ya,After POPT2T,the POPTFS was not so necessary as sequel of POP2008 was necessary.

    Next thing is piracy-PC-DRM.Well,there will always be some pirates who will not pay a single cent even if the product is good and the pirates have money to pay.Worst case,isnt it? Fighting it,is 100% OK.So DRM is also 100% OK,atleast for me.The problem is method of DRM.You can not demand continuous net connection where(or the speed is somewhat 80-160Kbps) people do not know internet,can you?

    Another particular move was exporting POP2008 DLC into .PKG or .XEX, not doing same thing into .EXE.I do not know for how much people it hurts.But for me this made me crazy.Do you know what I even did? I downloaded all of these videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtcHK...7&feature=plcp

    And saw them frequently.It made me such crazy that I went to google search for something like "game maker" type things.It even drug me into UDK-Unity3D-modeling-scripting things.All time wishing that I could make a level of POP2008 DLC.Ha ha ha.In another word,thank you so much for drugging me into game development.

    Best wishes.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    For the most part it seems that your opinion here is similar to the general feeling around here. (Or rather the general feeling of the people who frequently hang around here.)

    Right now, a lot of us are discussing the series here:
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