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    Did anyone...

    Does anyone have a map of the bathroom?

    Can't find the following items:

    - Tile mold
    - Silver fish
    - Clock =(

    Thank yall!
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    Just have to keep looking! They're all there!
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    Silverfish is in the lower left hand corner next to the yellow shirt on the floor it looks like a small cricket, a sliver fish is a type of bug look on the floor for a small sliver bug thing.

    Tile mold is in the shower this one is hard to see, but it is in the shower in a lower case t shape right above the shampoo bottle you should see a dark green x in between the titles of the shower.

    Now the clock is weird, if you look to your right of the screen you will have all the storage areas, where you find like the soap on the rope the magazine and more, on the far left of this you will see the reflection of a clock in the one closest to the shower good luck with this one just look closely.
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    Hi, jayburr:

    Thanks very much for your helpful post! We love seeing players help each other succeed. Thanks for playing!

    House MD Team
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