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    I can't see my ranch!!! I have friends who have the same issue.

    This has been happening since sometime June 1, 2012. I try to log in and when it finally loads I see the following and can do nothing.

    [IMG]HH trouble.png[/IMG]

    In case my picture does not load - all I see is the game frame and all that is on the interior is lime green solid color. My FB id is
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    [IMG] image host[/IMG]
    I have the same problem. Please ix it! My user ID is 1650867566
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    On report! Thanks for the screenie too!
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    Thank you! Hope the problem will be solved soon
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    I'm also having that problem.
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    Im also having the same problem right after the flower deal, its been down a while when do you think it will be working again. my FB id# 1228344736
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    We have released a new version of the game that should clear this up for you. Would you try logging into the game to see if it's better now? Thanks!
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    It's all ok now. Thanks a lot!
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