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    Wave SS

    Been wanting larger waves, more like swells that waves....last issue that's been bothering about my env. mod, but making headway. These are pretty good, but need to tweak them a tad for more distance between the swells so the sub rides them more evenly. Using a S boat as my test, it loses about 4-6kts riding the waves, so cuts your speed and a fairly rough ride, also has some minor effect on sensors, but I would supect large waves would. The biggest issue for me is the wave patterns need to be connected to weather patterns so we only see heavy seas in storms.....who would want typhoon waves under clear blue skies.... Be nice if we could create more weather patterns, but I yhink that's coded, not sure if there is a way to connect the 15mps weather to storms only, that would work just as good. Be awesome if we could have weather patterns reaching typhoon stage, be easy to adjust swells bigger for each pattern...Probably at best just tone them down just so we have a tad bigger waves that of course will show up under any weather.....Hopefully someone can think of something, but I fear it's coded.

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    Yea, trying to thread that needle, make them large enough to tell a difference, but not so large they damage ships. So far ships at sea do fine, but I see your point about docked ships... I would have no problem with even larger waves if they can be connected to storms only sinking ships, but I'm not sure that can be done. Since waves are connected to all weather, I think best to tweak them down more and create more swells than waves. I may tweak the sim a lil, but right now with these waves feels pretty good, fairly rough ride.

    I sure would love 100ft waves in storms........lol, not so much in clear blue skies...lol.
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    There's something about those waves, but they don't look natural. They look great in that one close-up shot, from the perspective of the bridge, but all the others look too craggy, or pointy. Almost like rocks. They seem more like swimming pool waves rather than ocean waves. Is there any way you can round them off, or maybe make the swells a bit longer?
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    Yea, I've been tweaking, the problem with SS is they fix the shot, in game they flow rather well and you don't reall notice crags and points. Since I can't figure out how to attach a wave pattern to a storm only, I see no need for huge waves, so just gonna tweak them into smaller swells, put more distance between them, maybe round them off a lil, but still be a tad larger than in game. Maybe I do one as larger waves, another larger swells.
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