After playing several hours of multiplayer on Ghost Recon Future Solider, I can't help but feel a bit dissatisfied. While the game is incredibly fun and ushers in numerous original ideas for the 3rd person shooter genre, it still lacks a certain something that makes the player feel more like a Ghost and less of a, how another user put it, 'cheap gears of war'. While several issues have been brought up (Glitches, maps being too small, gun imbalance, lack of guns, lack of appearance options, Bodark/Ghost weapon difference, no suicide option), one issue that was overlooked is the right bumper function.

When clicking the right bumper it simply places a huge marker on the screen for your team to see. While this is useful, it would've been better if you could 'tag' enemies, like in the battlefield series. You would only be able to tag enemies if a player has sights on them. Killing the target who is tagged will award the player who tagged him or her with extra points. While this may not sound exciting, here's the real kicker. While no doubt Ghost Recon Future Solider multiplayer is a game about intel, making engineer the backbone of any squad. The Engineer, with this new function, would be able to tag people with the UAV drone (as long as he's sees the enemy player).

So here's an example. You're playing mill and there's 2 maybe 3 guys on the other side of that center bridge (one with the car on it and the river below it that usually has an objective). You and your buddy are pinned down on the other side unable to cross. One of your teammates launches a UAV and scouts the other side and thus 'tag's' the enemies. Now you see the enemies (since they are detected and tagged). You, your buddy and the scout (who does nothing but get kills and barely goes for the objective) each take down an enemy within a 5-10 second window. You each get the 50/75 experience points, plus the kill from cover, plus the 'tag' bonus, plus the multiplier bonus (killed more than 1 enemy tagged so x3) plus the synchronized shot bonus (you killed one, and had a teammate kill another).

This tool I feel would be great. It would tag enemies simply with a "1" "2" etc..You can call out on your mic "Ill go one, you go two, lets go!."

This tool mimics the synchronized shot from single player but obviously not so much that it becomes an overpowered tool.

I am aware of the 'coordinated kill' and of how the UAV 'detect' the enemy. This would simply be an advanced tool (one not particularly needed) in order to score more points, promote more teamwork and finally feel more like a 'ghost' from the campaign.

All in all, id rather Ubisoft fix the servers and guerrilla mode plus all the stuff I mentioned in the beginning before they consider adding this.

Many thanks