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    Unable to upgrade nursing stable

    I have had problems upgrading my nursing stable for quite some time now. But since about a week or so the problem is slightly different. Before it would say I did not have enough items required for upgrading when trying to finish a new box (even if I had more than enough of all items.) Now the finish button is not even there and the option for stable hand is gone.
    This is how it looks like in game when trying to upgrade the nursing stable:

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    Unable to upgrade nursing stable - same problem!

    I'm having the same problem - except my frustration is compounded because I bought an NPC ranch hand for real cash which is now useless. Screen shots below:



    Basically, it says I have all the supplies and I have ample funds, but when I try to upgrade it says I don't have enough horse bucks (even though I have double the required amount).

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    fixed now! Thanks! :-)
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