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    Looking for a great squad to join in (XBOX 360)

    Most of the time when I am playing this game online, I usually play with a bunch of random players and that's fine an all but I would like to find other gamers who understand the how to play this game properly.( like playing the objective, helping teammates in need etc.) not all random players are bad but, some of them are just *******s. Their just talking **** to everyone and not even helping other players out. I almost don't want to play headset anymore because of this

    I'm not looking a hardcore gaming squad or guys with K/D ratio but just a bunch a ppl who won't badmouth or put down others, play this game like the way its suppose to be played but of all else KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN!!!!!!

    My Gamertag: CHUEY 4

    P.S. I don't care too much if you are using a headset or not( I do the same every now and then) just play the objectives and work the other players on our side.
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    Add me GS11
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