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    Operation Spectre event and details on Prize support!

    here is the final event announcement. We have been filtering information into the forums for several weeks now and trying to get prizing support for the event behind the scenes.
    Well I am finally happy to announce that we have solidified our sponsor and its none other than Mad Catz themselves!

    Details on the event are as follows.

    Date: June 8th , 6pm PST ( The event will span 2 days with finals taking place on Saturday at 10:00am pst ( thats 1pm for all you eastern boys and girls)
    Format: Best of 3 double elimination
    Game Modes: Conflict ( yeah yeah we get it. everyone wants SIEGE but for our first event we wanted to go broad in appeal)
    Team Size: 4 man teams
    Maximum teams eligible: 8
    Platforms: XBOX360 and PS3
    Cost to enter: FREE
    Prize support: 1st place teams receive a Mad Catz Ghost Recon controller for each player on the team.
    MVP for each event will receive a Mad Catz Tshirt
    How to register: Teams MUST register on our official forums HERE

    websites: You can visit our official site at www.evogamingunlimited.com to view the tournament bracket as it gets filled in and the game rules and settings( the site will be updated this week with match settings)

    We are very excited to bring this event to the community and hope you are as well.

    -Dwayne Morash-
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    Come get you some!
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    We only have a few spots left for the xbox. get your team registered soon before all spots are taken.
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    XBOX now has 7 teams. Only one slot remains open. PS3 is still needs more teams.
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    Looking forward to this event
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    The tournament may have to expand to 16 teams. Xbox platform currently has 10 teams registeted.
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    things get buried here real fast.
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    Still in need of PS3 teams for this tourney. Its a free to play tournament with prizes.
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