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    Stuck in critical case, says I need IV bag, but have in invintory

    When I click on my critical case patient it says he needs on iv bag. There is a check mark on the iv bag (and 3 in my inventory). I have enough energy, but the button at the bottom will not light up so I can click it.

    Maybe if I earn another IV bag, how do you earn them?
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    Ok I just got a patient that needed gland meds in pharmacy, reward was an IV bag. I have 4 in my inventory now but it still wont let me treat my patient
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    You're sure that you're not missing anything else to complete the treatment? If you have all the requirements and the patient is untreatable, it may be a bug that you'll need to contact support about. Let us know, please, and thank you for your patience.
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    Sorry I figured it out

    you were right, there were two things I needed money and IV bag, I thought it was one or the other. Thanks for your help
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    I thought that might be it. Glad that it has been cleared up!
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