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    Announcing MMA - The Map Makers Association

    Welcome to the Map Makers Association

    -Now seeking more talented map designers.
    -Now seeking a dedicated A/V professional.
    -Now seeking dedicated map testers and debuggers

    If you have abilities to help out or collaborate, PM me or email me at

    MMA mappers


    MMA Testing Cru

    For an up 2 date list of all MMA maps, click the link:

    For Videos of our members and coop'ed maps, check out our youtube channels here:

    Check out what were up to in our dedicated group forum here:

    Plus if you have your own group, you can make your own group/clan page too!

    Thats all folks!

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    Ok, you can find the MMA account on the PS3 by going to custom map search and where it say 'published by', type 'Map_Makers'
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    I've seen some of your maps man and they are wicked, I'd like some pointers, Ir1shWrist-W4tch is my psn
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    Hey Thanks man! As for pointers.....not sure where to start. Playability is the most critical thing. Having balanced flow and good cover for your spawn points. This is stuff I learned the hard way. Be creative, use the pieces in other ways. triple check for simple things that are wrong, like floating objects, terrain issues. Run through the map multiple times before publishing it.
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    Thanks, I try to bring knowledge and pacing elements from games like bf3 and crysis, if I can make the map feel like those two I consider it a success. Anyways I just started and I feel like I will be able to put out some great maps. It'd be great of you checked out my map "The Lakeside Church" which I think it's only flaws are deathmatch spawns and lack of detailed foliage, which I guess I can figure it out. Thanks again man.
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    Ill check it out later today. And a some other things I do is go into settings, turn off autosnap (unless needed) allow camera below terrain, turn off snap objects to terrain turn on grid and use it to help layout your map (really help when trying to square up selected objects).

    Hit L1 and triangle to undo a mistake (I wish I would have knew this was there years ago)

    Use the select tool to highlight multiple object for ez cut n paste (great for balanced maps and bases)

    Occ blocks are your friend, my latest 'Deth Qube Junkyard' was totally unplayable the FPS were horrible. I occluded everything I could and now it runs fine. Save peoples maps that you like, go into the editor and see how they did what they did. Youll learn alot and get alot of ideas. We all feed off of eachother. Just dont go and re-publish someones elses map and say its yours

    Take the time to think about where your spawns go, it will make all the difference in playability. Spawn killers are what gave me the idea to start the Deth Qube series because its really hard to spawn kill someone in those on TDM. They at least have a chance to get into the game!
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    OK, the MMA youtube channel is up and running with 15 videos and counting! check it out here:
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    Spacewalk was pretty cool I wonder how they got the tires to disappear.
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    Originally Posted by Leadstorm76 Go to original post
    Spacewalk was pretty cool I wonder how they got the tires to disappear.
    Thanks leadstorm! Dissapearing tires is top secret.....j/k If you set an occ block at just the right height, the vehicles will spawn without tires! I found it out by accident, and it worked perfect with the space theme, like little spacecraft.
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    We need someone who is good at building custom structures and is good with the snap tool. I will be starting a project soon called national cemetary. I have photos of the structures that need to be built. Ill start the map, terrain and layout and mark the areas that need structures. The map will be posted on and youtube vids will be made giving credit to all the authors. I want to do this in honor of my father in law who recently passed away after serving in the navy. It will be based on the sacramento valley national cemetary. Thanks
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