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    Lethal Defensive Justified Entertainment needs you!!

    The Lethal Defensive Justified Entertainment clan is recruiting members. We are a newish clan, but are not new to being part of or managing a clan. LDJE clan is a clan meant for mature players, 25 and older (male and female) who are wanting to play FPS casually. Our main focus currently is MW3 and GRFS but there are times we will switch to other games to mix things up a bit.
    The clan is meant to bring like minded people together to have a good time without the pressures of being there for certain meetings, combat training etc., We just want to have a good time, make some friends and play the game we love.
    If interested visit www.ldjeclan.net
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    still looking for new members
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    Stilll looking for ne members playing GRFS as it is definitely a team game and the more the merrier
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    Keep in mind this is the forum from Ghost Recon Online. You will have better luck finding clanmates in the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier forum found here.
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