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    Why integrate Scope-Sway instead of removing the White Cirlce Reticule?

    One of the points many in the Beta complained about was ability to pre-aim in cover with that white circle reticule, then pop-out right into 1st Person ADS. To counter that, Ubi integrated Scope Sway after popping out, presumably to make it harder or impossible to accurately shoot right after popping out.

    Sadly this seems to hamper the Recon much more than the Rifleman, as the Scope Sway is much more intense for High-Powered Optics than a Tac-Scope or Mag.Holo.

    But what I don't understand is why they did that instead of removing that white circle reticule you get when in cover?

    It seems to me, that integrating movement into a certain chain of events is way more difficult than just removing something that never moves.
    I mean that stupid circle is not in the Campaign or Guerrilla (at least on Veteran and above), why have it in MP?
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    would be a solution.
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    Because, the reticule is used when finding out information bout team mates and objectives. Scope sway should be in the game regardless.
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    The White Cirlce that replaces the reticule while in cover is not used for anything except pre-aiming your shots. Or I should say, showing where your aim-center is. Removing it will not hamper any of the other functions.

    It's not in the Campaign or Guerrilla, and you can still mark and look and everything. Why should it be in MP?
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