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    VISIBLE Emergency Patients

    Loving the game so far. Having same annoying issues as other people have mentioned (lack of cash, energy etc) but that's neither here nor there as far as I'm concerned *shrug*

    Anyway, my reason for posting this is wondering if a slight tweak to the visuals could be implemented so that when we have an Emergency Patient waiting we can TELL that it's an Emergency Patient.

    Maybe have some visual clue like a Flashing and Rotating Blue Bulb above their head or maybe when you leave your mouse pointer over them it not only states their name and health percentage but the word Emergency in brackets? E.g. Jane Doe (EMERGENCY!)

    Just something that makes these "special" patients stand out, even some kind of visual aura surrounding them, would be very beneficial

    Once again, loving the game (mostly) so far
    Thank you for the hopeful consideration of implementing one or more of the above ideas,

    p.s. I'm sorry if this has already been suggested. I did search for all threads with "Emergency Patient" in them but couldn't find anything like this suggested anywhere. Apologies again if such suggestions already exist.
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    Thank you for your suggestions. These are always read and, while no promises for any immediate changes based on suggestions can be made, you never know what will happen somewhere down the road.
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