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    I just want matches public.

    Wasn't Terrorist Hunt on Rainbow Six?
    Yes it was.
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    love this idea! get splinter cell convictions terrorist hunt in there! kill 10 guys, if you set an alarm off 10 more come that you have to kill aswell!
    Terrorist hunt was from Rainbow Six Vegas
    Seriously though, I just played Guerrilla for the first time yesterday and fell in love with the sneaking around at the start, and was incredibly disappointed with the rest. I don't remember if infiltration was the Uplay mode for Conviction but the Uplay mode was by far my favorite mode and seeing that implemented into Future Soldier would be amazing.
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    I fully agree with the OP. I feel too restricted sometimes in that little HQ.

    Did Ubi really say that about why no matchmaking? I mean, I think Halo: ODST failed hard when they did firefight without matchmaking. Reach was 100x better in all aspects of the mode when they added matchmaking and other features. It REALLY limits the game mode in FS without it.
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    Well it needs gunsmith..because there is NO excitement on the weapon drops: in every map, in every wave you got the same weapon config..after 2 games you know exactly what you got..and in a game where gunsmith and then personalize YOUR weapon is a major feature, that lack of choice is really boring..i really hope that they add gunsmith in some way
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    My opinion is for them to fire, smack in the face or throw out the window whoever made the decision to remake the game from the original seris and the one shows years ago at the expo. Ghost recon isn't ghost recon without. Multiplayer matchmaking, Coop campaign matchmaking, coop elimination matchmaking, coop objective matchmaking. Plus drop in and drop out feature in every one of them. Can't believe I find myself right now playing GRAW 2 more than future soldier. It is an insult to my pocket and the series.
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    Be able to search for players in Guerrilla mode. Its annoying when my friends are off and i want to try it out but can only do single player. Or do online co-op, i want to do co op but cant because my friends cant get the game yet or are off when im on.
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    Originally Posted by Spartas-Julius Go to original post
    My opinion is for them to fire, smack in the face or throw out the window whoever made the decision to remake the game from the original seris and the one shows years ago at the expo.
    I agree. I felt like I NEEDED this game when I saw it at E3 2010. E3 2011 I wasn't satisfied with the change, but I hoped that they were showing completely opposite ends of the gameplay during those levels. When I saw that they even changed the cover art, I knew that the 2010 version had been killed. I still enjoy the game as it offers a change in pace compared to other games like BF3 and CoD and I now have another 3rd person shooter besides RSV2 (which not many people play anymore) and GoW (never got GoW3, but GoW2 died for me when I got on one day and saw that I needed to spend $20 to play Horde online).

    @crazkid: Yes, from what I have read on these forums about what others heard form Ubisoft, that was Ubisoft's excuse for no co-op matchmaking.
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    "Defend" was probably my least-favorite coop mode in GRAW 1&2 and that's all that guerrilla mode is. You have to be a sitting duck while enemies charge towards you. I liked the other modes better where you had to go hunt down the enemy, or infiltrate without being detected. And you could customize it based on the number of people in the room or the level of difficulty you wanted. That's all gone now, and it's a real shame.
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    I am disappointed. Totally. This is NOT ghost recon. I absolutely loved graw 2 coop mssions where you could walk around and be stealthy to try and kill the enemies in a terrorist hunt way but with side objectIves and big Maps. It was amazing. The replay value was great. The game play was so amazing because of some simple reasonss:
    - you could be steathly and tatical. Infact you had to be ! It was hars and you could die easy if you didnt use your brain. . Which is what ghost recon has always been about.
    - customization! You could choose your load out and plan a strategy of how to use them.
    - it was big! There was like ten missions that each took about an hour if you did it right the ways through, which you wouldn't because you had to die.... a lot

    Now back to guerilla mode. ..
    - it's not stealthy or tactical! .. this now a gears of war horde rip off! And I hate to say it but.... gears of ear did a better job. The Gwen thing is just stypos. It puts you in a tiny room and doesn't allow you to Mover. Your basically a sitting duk just waiting to be shot at. You can't hide anywhere otherwise they just run in and sit in the hq and you lose -_-.
    - only one round if stealth! So much for active camo or silencers then!!
    - maps are tiny. .. so much for snipers.!
    - enimeis are stupid. They just rush you... just become a shoot the raised out of everything game...NIT GHOST RECON!

    AND.... no matchmaking. Wtf. That excuse if teamwork sucks. Don't be lazy! If they don't work with me I won't play with them and I'll find someone else. At the minute I'm just on my own. Give me a chance to complete this **** mode atleast if that's all your giving us! ****ing a.I allies would help.

    Ubi. This is a let down. I was sooo looking foward to this but tbh I'd rather trade this into and by any other gr or rambow six game... fix it please
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    Yup, 90% of the freedom from previous GR games is now gone. I LOVED GRAW 1&2 with the co-op story, where me and three friends could run around and kill people how we want, large maps, etc. Now its 'pick a corner, camp in corner all game'
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