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    Unable to collect meds


    New issue I've been having since yesterday: I am able to play the game perfectly up until the point where I need to collect meds; when I click on meds in the pharmacy in order to collect them, I get a "connection lost/bad server" message. This happens consistently (I can cure a ward patient, run minigames, everything's fine, but when I click on the pharmacy the connection dies), and it doesn't make sense.

    Please help!

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    yea i noticed this too more often when i am in fullscreen mode. didn't seem to happen when not in fullscreen mode
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    This sounds like a good reason to contact Support. Please use the information at the following link to see how to do that: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...ontact-Support . Thank you for your patience, and hopefully this will be resolved to your satisfaction.
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