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    I Can't connect Conflex!

    Yesterday I played game normally... but today suddenly can't connect conflex!

    My save files was not Local file. but in Server! I Can't Do anyThing TT

    my network is fine(double check). All site and games works fine. but MMH doesn't work.

    Why do this? Plz Help me!!
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    I have the same problem. I played earlier today and when I tried again this evening I kept geting connection failures stating that connection to the conflux failed. The error message kept telling me to check my internet connection but it was always fine. I've tried rebooting, repairing my network connection, etc, all nada. I submitted a tech support help ticket but I have no idea how long those take, especially with this being, I think, a long weekend in the US.
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    Same problem here, I was fine last night, must be their end.
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    I'm from Russia. Don't work Conflux((
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    What the hell ??How I can play without save game
    When I was buying this game i was thinking, it's nice to support ubi for buying game and now ubi screwed me on this conflux **** ? This is a JOKE? Give me my money back
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    This sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    After a long day at work, I wanted to relax and play some HOMM6. But, alas, it is not to be because the save games are kept by the "evil" CONFLUX once again. Why won't Ubisoft allow us to have the saved games on our PCs as well for these types of situations? We paid the money for a game that Ubisoft holds the keys too. It makes no sense. All this is doing is pissing off their customers who may never buy another game from them. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP!! I don't mind having a back-up of my saved games within the CONFLUX, but the "original" files?? REDICULOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Soon they will delete all our posts and nobody knows, that Conflux is EVIL
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    where the error??

    i can not connect to conflux...... where the error??? f**k
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    I to canot conect to conflux. Why is there no response to this thread by ubisoft more than 17 hours after its inital post ?? this conflux crap has to go why you idiots are wasting server storage space you have to pay for rather than just leting customers save stuf on there own pc is beyond me fix this or refund my money for the game. edit its is NOT 7:48 am its 12:51 am here
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    Conflux not working

    I am also seriously hacked off - the number of times I am unable to play because the bloody conflux isn't working is beyond a joke. I love the game, and want to be able to play it when I choose, not when the conflux decides I can. If there is to be a HOMM 7, then I will have to think long and hard if I am prepared to pay for something that is controlled by others.
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