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    I can't beleive that we have had no response at all in over 12 hours of people reporting this issue. It is unacceptable and terrible customer service. If this is the way it's going then I'm out the only way to make a difference in this is to demand refunds for games we have bought and cannot play and rufuse to buy any games from them in the future and stick to that.

    I bought this game via Steam and I have to be logged into steam, U-Play and Conflux in order to play this single player game! This is beyond rediculous, especially as this common DRM is used by many games so when it goes down you can't play any of them and there is no sign at all of a customer support response. For all we know it's a long weekend and they are all off, we might get it fixed in 3 days if we are lucky.
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    So I want to know when this problem will be fixed ?? There is nothing ! They must say something to us !
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    What happen!..... i need play game.... say something to us. !!
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    Wow, still down? This is the reason why this invasive DRM punishes only us paying customers. I'll be moving on to another game for now, and likely just cracking this game later if I ever decide to come back. Thanks Ubi for warning me about your games and customer service in the future. If my customer support business goes down for 12 hours without me saying a thing, I'd be losing all my clients.
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    Its not Assassins Creed so they dont give a ****...
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    Same thing here. It's been awhile since I played Heroes (stupid work :P) and I ran the game just now, it updated to 1.4 and seems unable to connect to Conflux. You know what? I can live with the fact that you have to log on to play with Dynasty bonuses and stuff, but for heaven's sake, don't kick us out of the game if it loses connection with the server in-game! Why can't the game work the issue in the background, instead? :S
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    Why has there been no responce for over 12hours? this is against their only policy unless immediate attention is attended, you cant be expect to pay them for a game when we cant play the game? i hope something is resulted within the next few hours
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    Servers are up and I am connected.
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    Network Traffic Analysis of the CONFLUX outage


    I know this is way after the fact (and a lengthy post), but when I was looking at my network traffic last night (in an attempt to see why I was not able to login the game, but not to CONFLUX), I found:

    Initially, it appears that my PC made a request to "<What_Appears_To_Be_My_Client_ID>& target=client"
    **Note: <What_Appears_To_Be_My_Client_ID> = a 32 digit long hex string.
    **Second Note: The IP address for the server at the time was

    ... This get request returned a HTTP 200 OK and what seems to be a config file showing my PC where to connect to next... the first few lines had:
    ... <And a bunch of other things that don't appear to be relevant> ...

    Then, my PC attempted repeatedly to connect to this second sever, outgoing UDP Port 3704 to 24650.
    **Third Note: (There didn't appear to be anything significant in the data it was passing - 15 bytes, alternated between two strings.)
    **Fourth Note: At the time, the IP address of this new server was

    The interesting part was that I was getting ICMP response traffic back from the server: Type 3 Code 3 [Destination Unreachable, Port Unreachable]. Attached in the ICMP packet was the headers of my UDP outgoing traffic. Thus, it seems like there was some sort of mis-configuration/outage on their side of things.... as most others have already found. Hopefully this post helps someone else in the future.

    **Side Note: Is there a webpage that shows the status of their production servers? **
    It would be nice to know when something goes down... so I don't spend over an hour+ searching for forums / analyzing my traffic / home network for problems.

    Tool Note: I used Wireshark to get the PCAP capture of my traffic, after closing down most everything else. I narrowed the IPs of interest down by using the Statistics->IP Address option.. and then using ARIN (or any of the RIRs) to run a WhoIs against those IPs. (Thus giving me the IP addresses of interest in my PCAP... and then I began my analysis.)
    WireShark Link:

    Good Luck in future troubleshooting! =P
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