I could rant on about what I think and personal opinions but I've decided for a simpler approach. What I have been hearing about the third game is what motivated me to create an account.

Have the developers played Far Cry, Far Cry Instincts, Far Cry Instincts Evolution or Far Cry Predator for any amount of time and did they enjoy it?

If not I would love to see some come out and play with the Predator community, we tend to play Steal the Sample every night from around 7 to 12 (Eastern Time). In fact I would love to see anyone come out and join us. Usually there are one to two rooms at the times I listed and if you haven't been around FCIP before you would want to be in there since you wouldn't have decent maps for hosting otherwise. Honestly FCIP is still one of the best shooters in my opinion and one of the few game disks I actually kept and still play. Currently it and Fez are the only reason I still use my Xbox 360 and FCIP is the only reason I have XBL right now. I personally won't be on for the next few days due to a trip but will be back next week. Feel free to add me or send me a message, my gamer-tag is Hunter Eagle.

I understand FC2 created a rift but it would be nice to know that some of the people responsible for the third game did know what Far Cry began as, how it plays, and what people enjoyed about it, even if it isn't the developers' preferred type of game. The dynamics of claymores, pipe bombs, tree traps, molotovs, grenades, vehicles, and the usual gun elements made a game that plays in so many different ways depending on the map and players in the match. This also might pose a bit of a learning curve to new players but its worth it once you understand the various play-styles and tricks of the game.

Also as a side note since the hosts usually stick to STS it bypasses the whole predator mode argument and isn't too much of a far cry from the original computer version's game-play. Cheers and hope to see some newbies out having a good game in the future.