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    Uplay passcode required for full multiplayer

    I rented ghost recon future solider to see if I like the game or not. I signed on to play with my buddy and what did i find out? I could not access full multiplayer nor could I play with him. So you know you what...SCREW YOU UBISOFT. I AM NOT BUYING YOUR **** GAME. GFY
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    I'm right there with you brother! UbiSoft doesn't care about people who rent their games. I could probably say the same thing about buying it used as you would have to spend an addition 10$ on top of the used price. Ubisoft and EA are bunch of greedy crooks.
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    no doubt...if I would have known this I would never have bothered renting it (of course, first game I ever rented--at least recently)
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    This online passcode **** is garbage...These companies say its because of used copies being sold, but this is also bull****...whether the origional buyer is playing it, or the buyer who bought used, its still ONLY ONE person taking up that spot on the servers..You cannot play the game, without the disc, therefore, the money was gotten for the copy, and only 1 ip is being used ..1 person can play, per copy of the game..Tghis is theft imho! Greedy bastards..If companies like EA, andf others would sell complete games in working order, or even patch them in less than 6 months , if ever, we wouldnt feel like were gambling when purchasing new product...In that we wouldnt feel obligated to buy used!!!!

    Dont forget Activision...Corporate pieces of **** over there too! But EA takes the cake by far...Theyre the world of warcraft of greedy, thieving, scum!

    The worst part is, that all companies are doing this now, and arent making any full version campaigns..And if that werent enough, they tac on nickel and dime dlc's! Most of them make it so that if you dont buy the dlc, you cant connect to servers with those who do..Buy the time you have 3 dlc, you have fractioned of the playerbase into quarters...Those without dedicated servers that is...

    And for those who dont know, "Kingdoms of Amalur" creators, Big Huge Games/38 Studios went under yesterday! ENTIRE STAFF LAYED OFF....
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    When you buy the game the Uplay Passport is included in the box. You can also try some of the Uplay Passport aspects up to level 5 http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/app/answ...ail/a_id/16543
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    Thank you, I am aware of that

    This "feature" does not make me want to buy the game, no matter how much I enjoy it while I'm renting it.
    IT's bs
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    Would purchase if I could try all features out in a rental

    I rented the game and so did a friend so we could see if we liked it before we purchased it. But we cannot try the campaign together without first paying for UPlay! So, I will not be purchasing this game. I'm a long time Ghost Recon fan and multiuser player but no more. Charge me for new maps or new campaign missions but do not charge me to even try the game out online! I'll stick with Call Of Duty until they end up going this route.
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