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    Have the game and i am about to buy the third Spec Ops DLC(first is free to download).Yes people say its bad but eventualy the game is enjoyable,what they mean by bad is how the main story didn´t turn out as fully expected.Eventualy it looks like the Spec Ops missions are much better done than the actual game missions of USS,i was pretty impressed by the Spec Ops missions that i played and from what i heard that the latest mission pack DLC is even better.Eventualy its a fun game to play and features an interesting online expirience.

    As for Vector his skills are:
    -Runner(increased running speed)
    -Silent(lesser chance of detection)
    -Monition tracker(a device that tracks monition around it and explodes as a flashbang as soon as an enemy is near it and produces noise to attract zombies)
    -Mimicry(ability to imitate the selected enemy,can be done on distance or in use with cqc when pressing the ability button after few cqc strikes to melee execute)
    -Active Camouflage(character becomes invisible and as such unnoticed by zombies and enemies,in MP such players can be noticed if they are realy close)

    All of the skills have 3 lvl updates which increases their effect lenght,amount or strenght.Also each character has an unique melee execution which is trigered by pressing the ability button after few cqc strikes.Standardly all characters use the same set of melee executions triggered by pressing the action button after few cqc strikes,same as for the unique moves.

    Also the gun is present in ORC aswell along other cool weapons.
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    Originally Posted by SolidSage Go to original post

    I don't remember the Vector in COD. I like it though, looks cool.

    It is in MW2 and it is a ****ing Broomstick! When you want to clean up room after room. Point->Fire->Sweep->Win. I love it.
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    Nice to hear it's fun. Some reviewers can be really scathing at times, and it isn't always accurate. Kind of like my own opinions. Vector sounds cool, deffo the guy I would play.

    You just described my basic run'n'gun method. Pray and spray baby, somebody's got to die!
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    Originally Posted by shobhit7777777 Go to original post
    Can the UAV spot a cloaked scout?

    *Scandalous Expression*


    Can you post a video of you dropping frags on Sage? I'm sure his ego could use it

    I am trying to figure out a way to film, play the uav and manage to not get killed by Solid Sage. So much fun though, its been such a rush to play. I can't help but be very grateful I am not out in the field for real.
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