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    Game update from Tuesday July 3rd 2012

    Special mentions:
    § New July Items and Features available
    § Eagle Feather Event
    § Included some missing french localization
    § Mastery requirements for horses with zealous reworked
    § Badges moved from horse to inventory - according to this: Reworked mastery popup
    § Badges removed from HorseDetails
    § Subtask “have a horse with one badge” changed to "spend a badge during breeding"

    Fixed bugs:
    § [Saddle bred - tab] Saddle bred mastery tab appears on the game start and intro screen
    § [Saddle bred - tab] SFX sound is missing for link from Saddle bred tab to bred mastery screen
    § [Beauty salon - Payment] Inconsistent payment currency texture observed in beauty salon payments
    § [Settings-Fullscreen] The Breed mastery tab overlaps the 3rd party links
    § [Breeding] Incorrect level of the talent is inherited by the foal if breeding is performed ... [Breeding] Breeds unlocked using saddle-dollars are still displayed as locked on the Breed Mastery Overview Screen.
    § [Buildings] [Stable upgrade pop-up] An incorrect pop-up appears
    § [Collections] Misleading tool tip appears even after the full wishlist
    § [Task-bar] Scrolling arrows appears to be grayed out for the first task
    § [Tutorial] The user gets stuck in the tutorial, while attempting to access the new breed mastery tab
    § [Live][Task - More Power (2)] Incorrect spell in task description
    § [Live][Daily log-in pop-up] When the user clicks on the 'Get daily return bonus' link , he receives an error
    § [Live][Suggestion][ADD - EP] ADD button link should direct to Shop section when user don't have enough energy pack in
    § [Suggestion] [Inventory] The storage capacity of carrots should be more than apples
    § [Task] [First steps 1] Incosistent text size appears for task headline
    § [Live][Gameplay] Game crashes when horse don't find target path
    § [Live] During adult horse loading pop-up if foal enters in Petting zoo then it disappears
    § [Loc][GR/FR][Guardian angel Achievement pop-up] Debug text is present on the FB post
    § [LOC][FR][Inbox] The description of the job request is not localized
    § [Live] [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears on tool tip for saddle dollar package
    § [LOC][Gr] The job requests that appear in the inbox section have incorrect text
    § [Live][Loc][FR/GR] Debug text for the shop tool tip on task pop-up
    § [Loc][FR/GR][Achievement pop-up] Debug text is present on the new pop-up for achievements
    § [Loc][FR/GR][Task] Debug text appears for shop tool tip
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Horse Loading pop-up is not localized
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text on horse action tool-tip
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears on Flower Child achievement
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears on Flower child menu
    § [Loc][FR/GR][Achievements] Debug text appears for wings of liberty achievement
    § [Loc][FR/GR] Debug text appears on treat pop up
    § [LOC][FR][Inbox] The description of the job request is not localized
    § [Live] [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears on Angel Acres Bundle
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears on Guardian Angel achievement
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears for mastery level and training on radial menu
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears for rare flowers
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears for angel acre horse
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears for breed horse on Foal preview pop-up
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears for item loss
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears for the Rescue potion
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears for the Rescue Barn
    § [Loc][GR / FR][Welcome back pop-up] The welcome back pop-up has incorrect text. [Loc][GR][Riding Pal] The Helped riding pal pop-up includes debug text
    § [LOC][Gr][Fr] The "daily return" task pop-up includes debug text
    § [Loc][FR][Horse bucks - Pop up] debug text displays on out of Horse bucks pop up
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears on breeding mastery level up pop-up
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears for riding pal XP
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text appears for buildings in shop section
    § [Map][Broncopolis Cup] User rewarded with incorrect amount of prize soft coins
    § [Live][Collections] The Horse-bucks rewards do not add to the Horse-bucks tab until the page is refreshed
    § [Breed mastery screen] SFX sound is missing for the selection of any horse overview option
    § [Achievements] when the achievements section is opened through the breed-mastery tab,none of the achievements can be
    § [Loc][GR][Energy Missing Pop-up] The text appearing on the pop-up is displayed incorrectly
    § [Loc][FR] Text spill out appears on Your first foal Pop up
    § [Loc][FR] Skip-quest text spill out of box
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] Text gets truncated and out of box on Out of saddle dollar pop-up
    § [LOC][Gr][Intro pop-up] The description text on the pop-up gets truncated by right edge of the box
    § [Loc] [FR] Breeding badge text spill out appears on the New Foal preview pop-up
    § [Shop] User is unable to expand the ranch and also can't buy the boosters
    § [Uplay] User can't access the UPLAY button properly
    § [Expand Pop-up] Game gets crashed on Expand task pop-up when click on the shop icon
    § [Achievements] The Wings of liberty achievement does not get completed
    § [Buildings] Energy Points capacity increased by Fire-pit, returns back to the original capacity after the user levels up
    § [Wings of Liberty] User is not getting a breeding badge as reward on completion of the ribbon 4
    § [Loc][FR][Treats pop-up] The text on the FBC button is overlapped by the heart icon of the Skip button
    § [LOC][Gr/Fr][Breeding] The lines of the description text for Standardbred in the breed mastery pop-up is overlapped
    § [Loc][FR] Text spill out and overlap appears for "FBC" and "unlock"
    § [Task Pop-up] Improper pop-up window appears for the task Gotta catch em all (1)
    § [Collections] Redeem box is improperly aligned
    § [Inventory] Item asset is missing during it gets store in inventory
    § [Horse Profile window][GR] The Age state text appears out of bounds
    § [Live][Tutorial] The user gets stuck after he accesses the deal-spot icon during the tutorial
    § [Level-up] Incorrect XP gets added after level up
    § [Nursing Stable] Incorrect nursing stable behavior observed after constructing it on the ranch
    § [Horse Action] Inconsistent XP reward for horse action
    § [Achievements Pop-up - All] Enlarged XP icon on achievement pop-up
    § [Active boost effect] Improper timer texture appears on active boost effect if screen fade in and fade out
    § [Buildings] The graphical display of fire pit when placed on the edge of the ranch looks inappropriate
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    Wait, what? So, instead of fixing the disappearing badges problem, you just group together all the badges? Why don't the horses get to keep their badges anymore?
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    Breeding Badges Disappeared!

    I noticed that my horse's breeding badges have all disappeared! In looking at the forum, I see they are being changed from horse specific, to the owner - so all the breeding badges from my horses SHOULD have been in MY inventory, and they are NOT. There is just one there, from the breeding badge added today. I had worked hard to make sure these horses had enough breeding badges before they retired, and now they are all gone. Can those be restored to my inventory please? Thank-you for checking into this for me - I have two horses nearing retirement, and had planned to breed them very shortly. I can't seem to get friends to staff my barn, so don't have room to keep too many horses. And now with only 1 lonely breeding badge, I can't really breed ANY of my horses!
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    I think the major issue with this is that most people don't know exactly how many breeding badges each horse had, thus we don't know if we're missing any.
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    I am so angry right now! All of these updates and debugging and not ONE mention of the loading issue. It's been almost 2 weeks since I've been stuck on the horseshoe page, I've cleared my cache, updated my browser and flash player, sent in a trouble report, posted many times on this forum and tried loading the game with a computer at the city library, which didn't work either. I am through with this game and ubisoft!!!
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    Please please PLEASE can you fix the things reported in the Bugs forum rather than just adding lights and taking badges away from horses? I think the players as a whole would be a LOT happier if you fixed things instead of making the game look like it's geared towards five-year-old girls.
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    Hi all!

    To answer your questions, we have reworked the breeding badge interface to try to explain the system better> In reality, you need to use all your horse badges during breeding. If you use only 3 badges out of 6, you'll loose the 3 remaining and your horse will be back to 0 breeding badge for his next action.

    About loading issues, we are aware of it and we can fix it per individual account. Please reach out to Customer Support to get the solution to your issue: http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/app/answ...st/p/2070,2463

    Otherwise, we had a new game version today! Wednesday 07/11/2012

    Special mentions:

    § Added Paint Horse
    § Changed start amount for new player
    § Added Incentives Friend Request Feature
    § Reworked the Out of energy popup
    § Wishlist popups will randomly appear now
    § Reworked the Foal Preview popup

    Fixed Bugs:

    § [Riding Pal] User can't shorten the cooldown of breeding process on riding pal ranch
    § [Loc][GR][Buildings - Staffing] The buttons on the staffing pop-up are overlapping each other
    § [Suggestion] [Inventory] Incorrect behavior observed while item gets added in inventory section
    § [Boost items] [Apple pie] Incorrect treat boost item behavior during horse is ready for treat action
    § [Live] [Gift - icon] If user have more than 10 gifts pending then language flags gets overlap on gift inbox icon
    § [Achievement][Wall-post] Incorrect amount of horse-bucks gets rewarded on the FB post of the Wings of Liberty
    § [Gifting] Improper game behavior after sending gift
    § [User Issue] Rewarded XP does not get added to the XP bar
    § [Testing mystery] Share option is not working on testing mystery pop up
    § [LIVE] signpost buildings upgrades are al ready unlocked on LIVE server
    § [Decoration Pop-up] The XP icon is aligned improperly
    § [LOC][Gr][Inbox]The inbox icon overlaps the U-play button
    § [Achievement post] The number in the text is not ordinal
    § [Suggestion] [Inventory] Incorrect behavior observed while item gets added in inventory section
    § [Achievements Pop-up] Icon missing on achievement pop-up
    § [Loc][FR][Task - Breeding basics 2] Improper text appears in sub-task 2
    § [Breeding station] [Boost - pop up] Horse image is missing
    § [Loc] [FR/GR] "Ready for action" text is not localized
    § [Tutorial] Grammatical Mistakes are noticed in some messages that appear during the tutorial
    § [Loc][FR] ADD button text spill out
    § [Loc][GR / FR][Tutorial] The Skip tutorial button has incorrect text
    § [Gameplayl] Incosistency in XP rewarded observ ed during tutorials and gameplay [Buildings/Decorations] Rescue Barn gets disappear when user tries to purchase any building from shop section
    § [Stable pop up] Horse box is not updating after a horse gets retired
    § [Loc][GR][Tutorial] The text of the Last Will pop-up 1 and 2 gets truncated by the bottom edge of the pop-up
    § [Live] [Missing construction item pop-up] The graphical icon is missing from the FB post
    § [Collection Wishlist] Wishlist items are not adding to the collections
    § [Mastery training] Incorrect behavior has been observed for horses having the zealous talent
    § [Shop - Horses] Improper name displays for the horses independence and pinky
    § [Incentive Friend Request] User not getting a saddle dollar after adding a riding pal
    § [Foal Preview pop-up] Talent modifications/splicers cannot be shifted and always remains at 0%
    § [Redeem Collection - All] Game gets crashes after selecting redeem option twice [Horse profile window] Important message text missing from the Mastery and Effects rows
    § [Booster] Booster item does not add back to the inventory after the warning pop-up
    § [Incentive Friend Request] User not getting a saddle dollar after adding a riding pal [Riding Pal] Game gets stuck during riding pal visit [Foal preview pop-up] The User is not able to buy breeding badges
    § [Loc][GR / FR][Tutorial] The Skip tutorial button has incorrect text [Redeem Collection - All] Game gets crashes after selecting redeem option twice [Banner Links] The shop pop-up spams behind other pop-ups when clicked on repeatedly
    § [Out Of Energy Pop-up] Garbage graphics appears on out of energy pop-up
    § [Gifting] An error occur when user access the Free Gift tab
    § [Action Mastery] Horse is able to perform action in professional mastery building even after maximum level reached
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    I'm still confused on the Breeding Badge issue. I have 37 in my inventory, and they're not listed anywhere on each individual horse. So basically you're saying I have to use all 37 in my next breeding or they all disappear? That's impossible, and quite unfair for me to lose all that work that went into getting badges when they were assigned and used by each individual horse. And if they somehow are attached to each horse while breeding, how does a retired horse regain badges if they can't train or show? Or is the point to just breed the horse once and then retire it?
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    About the loading issues. I have contacted customer support, several times. I still can't load my farm. We are told on this forum to list link our facebook account so someone can check it out. Does customer support try to load the farm from my facebook account? What good does that do when no one ever gets back to us. My daughter, who can access her HH farm with her computer has logged into MY facebook account and cannot access my farm either, so it is not MY computer. I am totally frustrated with this game and the lack of help. I just don't know if the hassle and aggravation is worth it anymore.
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    Okay, regarding loading issue. Today I am able to load the game! Yippeeee! I don't know why or for what reason but I am grateful. Lot's of work to do now...lol Thanks.
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