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    I completely, totally agree with BerylMcMillan. Couldn't say it any better myself!
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    The team is keeping a very close eye on things and will work to make sure that the game is fair to all and working well. We -do- hear and listen.
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    Originally Posted by UBI-Cowhand Go to original post
    The team is keeping a very close eye on things and will work to make sure that the game is fair to all and working well. We -do- hear and listen.
    said the same thing to me in another thread. they're not listening, they just want our money, until they lower prices or make it easier to make money in this game, i quit.
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    I thought it might help for the team to visualize what I (and probably most other players) go through when I first log in. I took a screencap today before I did anything, and added up the energy I'd need to be able to even touch one of my horses.

    As you can see, I'd need 56 energy (give or take a couple) JUST to clear the grounds and collect all the things I had going overnight. I don't have nearly enough. So I'd have to go do something else for a while until my energy restored. Problem? The weeds regenerate. So do the composts. So do the things I have to collect that I started after collecting the original ones. If I hadn't levelled up yesterday, I wouldn't have been able to train at all. I would have spent all my time clearing weeds and collecting my composts.
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    I've posted on this elsewhere but I'm adding my voice to the fray here as well. Requiring energy for the guesthouses/compost boxes was the worst possible move.

    Kholran, may I suggest only clearing the weed spawns you need to move your horses around and allowing your neighbors to clear the remainder? I find this helps the energy output significantly on a big farm (I'm lvl 26 myself).
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    Friends do help, but I'm lucky to get a visit once or twice a day. My farm looks like that just about every time I log on to play (I just came home from work and logged on again...it's been about 5 hours, and the property is back to looking like the above screencap- AFTER a friend had come by and cleared some, and after I used all 26 of my energy to clear what I could before I left for work). Plus now having to use 8 energy every 15 minutes just to clear composts (or let them sit full until I have some extra energy which hurts my income significantly). It doesn't leave me more than a handful with which to train my horses. I'm really not interested in adding a ton of strangers to my facebook page, and apart from the crazy "Staffing" requirements, one of the great things about this game is that you don't need a ton of friends to play it. I had no trouble getting by with four or five friends who are active enough to gift when I need something and occasionally help clear weeds, but now it's just an overwhelming energy requirement just to reach a point where the property is playable. Before the energy for composting was added, I didn't have any trouble keeping the weeds clear myself and still having enough to train, either. Eating up 8 points just for composts is a lot though.
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    yes I am Not Happy with the change to making the compost piles cost energy to collect. You don't even get an experience point for it either.... it is making energy usage a bit tedious. taking a lot of the fun out of the game and Making it feel more like a Job as I HAVE to go weed everyone else yards in order to have enough energy jsut for a 10 minute upkeep play.
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    ok, see I generally play the game first and then come in here and look around. I sat there and used up all my energies before I even realized what was going on because I hadn't realized it had been changed. I really love this game except for of course the expensive prices and the friend usage (I really hate having to have 100 different strangers just to play this game ... this alone annoys me almost enough to stop playing but I decided to continue because I really loved the game) .... however now you have this compost/guesthouse energy thing. I can't even enjoy the game any more because I just don't have enough energy to play with my horses. I only had energy to make the farm clean of weeds, collect all my treats, and now gather my money stuffs and then its all gone. This, if this isn't fixed REAL soon I'm just not going to be able to play anymore. It isn't fun any longer and I can't see spending time on a game that isn't fun and I certainly am not going to be spending real cash on it just to be able to play the game either. Do something please ....
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    Hmmm it seems a LOT OF people are unhappy any plans on keeping some of us happy I doubt it why not try pulling you you know what out of you know what!!!!!
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    Hi all!

    We had a new version put live today! Check out the first post for more info!
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