Hi, I pretty much play exclusively with my friend, so this has only happened with him and I have yet to test it in regular online games. This started about a week ago, during a game. Randomly throughout the game, it would display a message that "Fenrircanus has been defeated." I'd quit the game and it would display to my friend that I had left and been defeated. This even happened in the middle of combat once, in which I lost all control over my hero (The menu in the bottom right turned into the menu that appears on the world map, not the combat menus). We'd have to then go back and reload the game from the previous day. It happened about 5 times, which was really annoying. We tried to play a game just now, and on the very first day of my turn, it displayed the message again! This only happened on my turn. What exactly is going on? Any one else experiencing this, and how do you fix it?