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    Being awarded an incorrect amount of teamwork points in multiplayer. (Xbox 360)

    Reposting this from the thread I had made.

    I made multiple searches for this topic and I didn't find any results so apologies if this is a known issue.

    I first noticed this issue about two nights ago when I started using LMGs in multiplayer. According to the in-game manual suppressing an enemy is counted as a teamwork action and so I try to assist my team as much as possible.

    The other night while looking at the after action report with my friends I noticed I had about 15 teamwork points, and yet my friends tell me on their screens it said I only had 4. The first number sounded correct as I had received quite a few notifications that I had supressed the enemy in that match and yet when I did the math our team's score was based off the number my friends were telling me. This happened again about an hour ago, I see 17 assists, my friend sees only 3. What is it exactly that causes this discrepancy?
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    Weapon swap issue

    I downloaded tha Arctic Strike dlc and liked the majority of the weapons. I got my Rifleman to level 60 to see if you got another weapon swap.
    Turns out you don't. I used my respec token to try and give my Bodark rifleman the f2000. I got all the decision points, except the weapon swaps.
    Now my Bodark rifleman can't get it or the ACR I originally swapped for. I was wondering if there was a way to fix that.
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    Can't get the Anything You Can Do... Achievement/Trophy!
    Cause of this: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...evement-Trophy!
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    one bug for mp is the annoying blood splatter thing with the sniper rifles
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    PS Move and Mic issue

    Hi Ubisoft people. I'm still not able to use PS Move......pre-TU and post TU. Also, could you please just tell us.....we're big boys......the status on the MP mic issues? My chat always works in pre-game lobbies but when the match begins, chat ends 99% of the time. Thank You.
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    There is a bug involving the DLC weapons. If I have one equipped, when I turn the game off, it resets to the starting weapon when I turn the game back on. It doesn't matter which class it is. One other thing on a different topic. I got killed earlier and as I was watching the replay it said I was now the HVT. I had been dead for about three seconds. It then immediately said that the enemy had taken out my teams HVT (me). This one really needs to be addressed as it clearly can effect the out come of a match.
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    I don't wanna piss anyone off but from the occasional laggy connection (I'm in Aus I kinda expect it playing against U.S folk) that host migration fixes I've had a good run. Apart from losing sound and having to reset my console. It's a shame people are having so many dramas because this is a far better game than MW3 or Battlefield. I know nothing about servers but having the choice like Battlefield to play on local servers, even rent them, would be great.
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    I am on of the people who pre-ordered the game many months ago but it seems i am on of the people being the last able to play.
    The game starts without problems but when i start any mission, the soldier starts spinning in an endless loop.
    No matter if i update drivers of mouse or keyboard or if i simply unplug them. I never had a chance to play even on minute and no update
    solved the issue yet. It seems there is more efforts spent on collecting user data and creating in-app purchases than delivering a playable game.
    I am really disappointed and very close to throw it into the trash bin.
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    Signature Edition Headgear Missing?

    Got the Sig. Ed. and on it and it says there are 48 headgear options you get when you redeem the code. I have done so but I don't have "48" options, only the usual 16 (4 different ones with 4 color schemes each). Has anyone figured out how to unlock this? I have a feeling I might be missing something here.
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    I bought the game new today for 360 but the passport code I got was for PS3. Anyone in a position to trade?
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