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    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier- bugs and issues thread

    Please report bugs here: http://ubisoft-live-team.polldaddy.c...ug-report-form or you can use this thread to post bugs and issues.

    Please also see here for support links and workarounds http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...mportant-links

    Remember some may not have played the game yet so avoid spoilers.

    Please use this thread to post feedback http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...-Post-Spoilers!

    • A bug I've seen several times in the forums: a friendly AI who starts to crawl and is blocked inside/by a wall on the "Noble Tempest" map (campaign).

    • This should have been fixed with the day-one update. If you are still facing this issue, have you applied the day-one update? If you have and are still having this issue please let us know.

    Balance and tuning will receive and update soon - I can't give you a specific date because I don't have it yet, but we're talking days, not weeks.
    We are working very hard to prep a title update for both platforms which addresses as many of the major issues as possible. This is not the first update (we had one on launch day) and there will be further updates to follow as we continue to address issues. We'll announce details on what the patch contains and when you can expect it once that information is nailed down. Please be understanding that we will not release this information until we have a high degree of certainty.

    We have already and are continuing to make updates to the server infrastructure. Most, if not all, of these changes are transparent to the end user, but will result in fewer Ubisoft server connection issues. I want to be extremely clear that this is an ongoing process, one we are taking very seriously. We'll provide more information to the community as it becomes available.
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    Look at Kozak(player) in 05:10~05:15 in this video.

    Kozak, the playable character, 'pops' into position. The transition from the cutscene to gameplay is pretty unnatural.

    Now check this one out. Watch 00:49~00:51

    The transition is rather smooth and natural.

    In the first video, look at the player's character at 05:10~05:15. When the control is handed over to the player, the character suddenly, like POP!! and his whole body turns facing forward. Sudden unnatural stance adjustment. <-I think this is the proper term.

    'm not saying you should change the camera angle. I'm just saying you could make the character just stand there rather than suddenly -almost like teleporting- turn to face forward when control is handed over to the player to make it look more smooth and natural.

    Also look at Kozak's hand at 23:53~23:59 in this video.

    The mounted minigun is moving on its own when the character's hands are holding nothing but thin air.

    I hope you guys release a patch to attend to these issues.
    These issues might seem trivial, but it does keep players from being totally immersed into the game.

    I'm just worried that a lot of game developers these days just focus on aiding multiplayer issues and do not SP campaign problems at all after release and you guys might be the same. I hope not. Really.

    Please, make the SP campaign experience better by swiftly and thoroughly fixing these issues, and many others that degrade the gaming experience during SP campaign. Please do not leave this game looking like an unfinished product. Right now, it kinda does.

    We've been waiting for this game a LOT.

    I hope this, and feedbacks which are more to come lead to actual improvement of our gaming experience, both SP and MP.

    Thank you.
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    Texture qualities seem to go down drastically during in-game cut-scenes. This is true for both Xbox 360 and PS3. (I play on Xbox 360 BTW.)
    This is quite significant especially in the "Subtle Arrow" mission when they are all kneeling and talking before they board the truck.

    This is just one example, and there are several parts(cut-scenes) in which the visual quality goes down abysmally.
    It's not a gameplay affecting issue but I think it demerits the game and gives players notion that this game is an unfinished product. Hope you guys come up with a patch or something to deal with this.

    P.S. FYI several reviews have mentioned the inconsistency of visual quality, saying it gives impression that the game looks "unfinished." My point here is, if the dev team addresses these issues, they are eliminating one significant negative factor of the game.
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    I am having a lot of missing audio in both mp and campaign. music will cut out and cut in a for a second, all sound goes out, sometimes you can only hear gunfire and explosions, etc.
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    That sound thingy is a known issue in Ghost Recon: Online as well. (Before You say "who cares" I just say maybe it is something that Ubisoft missed in the development of both games so they should fix it before they do it for example in Patriots)

    Best wishes,
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    I have found two issues so far. During the Nigeria mission, when trying to make it through the villiage undetected. After taking out the first set of guards assaulting the civilians, after rounding the corner to regroup two rifleman appear out of nowhere and you get detected. I tried restarting several times and tried sending the UAV ahead but nothing helped. They just appear out of nowhere all of a sudden. Also, later on in the Nigeria mission, after the chopper extraction and your team is going for the intel, Pepper gets stuck in a corner in prone position and just crawls toward the wall. Because of this you are unable to continue the mission because your fire team forms up ahead on a door and the game waits for him to move into position! Sorry I dont have a PVR to record the footage. Feel free UBI to edit this post as necessary to avoid a potential spoiler. I tried to be specific about the glitch without ruining critical information : )

    UDATE: I retried the mission three more times and every time a member of my team goes prone and just crawls at the wall...I can't continue the campaign!!! aaahahahahrrrrrggggggg!!!

    UBI Help!
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    1. No dead inticator in siege, should be able to tell who is dead in the scoreboard screen
    2. Dead room can talk to team mates still alive in the round. This should not happen,
    3. The bodark side weapons are still MAJORLY under powered than the ghost weapon (this was threaded about all over in beta, still not fixed)
    4. Need tactical controller layout ( hire some COD programmers so you know how to do it)
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    Please fix the crosshairs, they are too far apart or add a dot in the middle of crosshairs.
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    Originally Posted by NacoAgent Go to original post
    Please fix the crosshairs, they are too far apart or add a dot in the middle of crosshairs.
    They're meant to be like that. And that's why we use ADS.
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    I have found an issue trying to play multi-player. When I try to connect to a friend or he tries to connect to me, it give an error saying we can't connect because of they have DLC we haven't downloaded yet, but yet we both have entered all of our codes online and have nothing left to download.
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