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    My feedback so far

    Although I'm not precisely a fan of FB games, I decided to give this game a try, considering I liked the House series. I know it's a beta version, but here are some pointers I'd like to give the developers about their job so far.

    The plot
    The critical cases concept is interesting, but unfortunately they end up being terribly boring, since there is nothing more than playing the same three minigames over and over without any critical thinking about the actual medical condition (From the player). It would be way better if the player could have some actual control about it, like choosing what exams and treatments to perform, and making diagnosis on his own, choosing between many alternatives (Hell, it could be even educational, if it's done right). Or at least make the player have some importance on the cutscenes, participating in the discussion and such, rather than being a wooden dummy, like it happened with the CSI game.

    The gameplay
    The Machines
    I don't know if it's a bug, but improving the machines level doesn't give any better rewards. I have both my bloodwork table and my MRI at level four, and there hasn't been a significant change on either the experience or budget reward they yield. On the same topic, I suppose that the bloodworks table works basically to earn budget, and the MRI to get experience. If that's the case, you should increase the amount of experience the MRI yields, since the bloodworks table surpasses it on both aspects.

    The Ward Points
    Honestly, this ruins the game. I don't have any friends that play the game (And I'm not interested in adding strangers as friends), so having to wait 24 hours to get a single WP, and then finding out that the next task demands another one is frustrating to say the least, since the only option in the game besides the Critical Cases is grinding the patients waiting room over and over. Please do something about this, at least adding a "Bribe House" option (Spending a relatively high amount of budget/medicines/supplies, and make it higher each time until it cools down) or something similar. Either that, or make the Critical Cases need less WPs. I just finished the third case, and spent at least three or four of them, and if this trend increases on the next cases, having fun will be utopic.

    The Budget
    Right now, the only utility budget has, besides improving the machines and medicines, and some character accesories, the rest is only bought with House Credits only. At least the hospital themes should have the option to be bought with budget

    And that's the critic so far. I'll be around for now, waiting for the next updates...
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    Thanks very much for your detailed observations and feedback. We appreciate it.
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