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    silent hunter 5

    Hi all i just started playing SH4 and struggling with first patrol "marshall islands" but my real bug is i just bought SH5 and didnt relise that it needed an internet connection to start playing. I do not have internet at home only at work. Why do i need internet to play the game. i didnt notice that it needed a connection cos the writing was so small on the box i only checked the pc specs. Is the net required to register or is it requireed during all gameplay am i gonna have to sell the game and lose money.
    Can anyone shed light on this subject for me. will be very sad to not be able to play the game.

    thanks all
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    Hello devonlad

    The game does require an active internet connection to activate the serial key that the game came with. Once the game has been activated on that system you can choose Offline Mode and will not need to have the internet connected to that system.
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