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    When u try to leave island(s?).

    Do u have ideas for what happens when u try to escape island? If u have, tell them here! Ubi said that its under deveploment, so, maybe we can still
    influence that?

    (i know, my english sucks)

    Helicopter wont work, far cry 2 style, "medical scene" wont work, i thinked that sharks could do something, i just dont know what

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    When you escape the game ends... Credits roll

    no, but seriously I would like to escape the island at the very end and wrap it up properly but to stop you doing that until the end.......

    Somthing starts flashing and beeping it's only then you realise your vehicle is rigged to explode

    Vehicles splutter and run out of fuel and you have to then swim and get eaten by sharks?
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    ubi already sorta spoiled the story !

    they said


    u can free roam the island after u do all story mssions .................maxpower would relate
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    Yeah... I read that but it would make a great DLC to finish it off don't you think?

    It has to wrap up properly... And that also means Jason does not die don't it
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    yeah ,.............. having the end of a story as DLC that would just suck !!!!!!!!

    but at the same time maybe that means fc4 might be a sequel if jason still wants to get off the island !
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    I want it all to end in a climax... Thats the problem with the open world just like real life they dimish and wither into nothing..... It needs to be a big ending for you to come away like you beat it instead of wandering about aimlessly forever.

    Red Dead got it right there was a point from which you could not return... If it's not in the final product then it needs to be DLC ending otherwise fail and it will need to come pretty quick otherwise people will be shouting about how boring it is after playing it for 20-30 hours... Saw it happen with RAGE and guess what no DLC for that game because it left a bitter taste in the consumers mouths and ultimatley failed and bethudsa pulled the plug on any plans.

    Sorry to sound negative but I speak the truth

    If that happens you can kiss farcry 4 goodbye especially after farcry 2's issues
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    dlc for ending is even worse to be honest.........i mean why would someone pay money for the end of the story !?

    its either ending by a happy ending like (conquers the island)

    or like those type of movies when at the end it seems like its just the beginning like (jason finally found out a way to get off the island but something even bigger happened )
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    and keep us pumped up for fc4
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    All I can do is hope they get it right it just does not add up that you can stil roam about after the story is over... Surely the goal is to ultimatley escape even if you conquer it... He has to save the girl?

    I suggested this before but the only way is have a mission that from which you cannot return from that ends it.... and ends it in a climax with big set pieces... So perhaps it becomes unlockable from the menu as a seperate linear mission to escape? I would like that TBH but that you can still approach from multiple angles but has a time limit and is very difficult like a challenge mission.

    I'm talking about volcanoes going off with earthquakes and tsunamis while you try to get away whilst fighting an enemy in complete chaos..... Like the death star blowing up I'm right and i know it

    I agree DLC ending = lame and may never see the light of day just like RAGE

    Perhaps I should put it another way if a story feels like it has no end and no point to move from then at first it maybe intriguing and you want to know how it really ends but the realisation soon dawns on you that there is no end to it and somone is having you on or pulling your leg,

    Imagine a movie without an ending so to speak it would bomb in the box office entertainment needs to have highs and lows and generally it is considered a good thing to end on a high with a slow diminish to the story not a prolonged ongoing experience

    This is rules and expectation fulfilment of entertainment not trying to rewrite the book and failling it's been in practive and is working for longer than I could ever imagine
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    no doubt sharks will be included in this! (maybe more than one way of dying when leaving the islands. (Sharks as one variant and maybe drowning due to loss of energy as another) there are so many animations that could be created for this.
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