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    nasty players on hawx1 multiplayer

    Hey guys and ubisoft personel i just wanted to report or say or get help. I play hawx 1 on the multiplayer and some peole when they loose get nasty how? they start insulting me and other players. I try to avoid them by not playing in their rooms or with them but they are like a FLU (worse) they insult and leave the room they dont even have the guts to stay. So i will appreciate any help i have their nick names so ask. As you guys from ubisoft know you put a item on the market and we got from by paying for it is your obligation to keep eye on the rooms and find a solution to any problem. Its been a long time since you put your product to the market and people still buying it now its time for you to fix the porblems the game have like the server and put something to lock those people from the game Thank you .
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    well, some people are not very well-bred, there's nothing to do about it
    I'm not sure that the guys you need are the frequent readers of this forum maybe it would be more efficient to contact the support?
    or... join HAWX 2 games, at least the players I meet there are rather nice
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    yes your are right i have never seen them here on the forums and i have the HAWX2 man but i think the 2 version sucks why? it freeze a lot the hangar where you have your planes takes a lot to change to another plane the missions are way more difficult than the # 1 version wich is better in that way because is more challenging BUT i already passed all them in my first try most of them and second try in 2 missions the oil mission at the see and the nuclear one where you fly your F 22 inside of a tunel to kill the nuclear missiles there and the multiplayer online freeze a lot and the graffics are that good than the #1 and as you can see here in the forum 99% complains about HAWX 2 and every person has different problems mine is the most common
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    I might try to play the HAWX2 again still have it on my computer in the hawx1 i am really good and i players don t play with me they say i am to hard to kill and i kill them all the time and others play with me but they are cheaters for example i set up the game for join strike missiles only and this cheaters come and star using all aspects missiles and they dont shoot 2 at the time and wait a few seconds for the game to reload your plane again they shoot 4 all aspect missiles at the same moment and they have unlimited Flares so the only way to kill them is by using rockers or cannon but in order you use your cannon you need to get closer and its when they use their all aspect missiles oooh i had seen a lot cheats like one guy shooting rockets at me while i was on his tail imagine the rocket going back to hit me so i dont play with them after i see their cheats and if they come to my room i just kick them out but before i ask them to go nicely
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    talk about nasty a couple of guys did not even say hello to me in there.
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    well it is rude but they stay quiet with you but to me some of them insult me and BAD believe me before i came in to the forum i got isulted on HAWX1 BY this guy i forgot the nick name but i wll se hm again he is mad because i always kick his *** he loves to use all aspect missiles and i dont so i host the games usually and so he cant use them because i lock them and y kill him with my cannon and join strike missiles a lot but most of the time he leaves after we enter the game when he see that he wont be able to use all aspect missiles and when he stays he only plays for 3 minutes or less enough time for me to kill him like 4 times or 6 and then or course he star insulting me a lot and really bad so imagine when you want to play you want to have fun but this people come and ruin everything i already told him not to play with me because he wont use those missiles and after he insulted me a lot i insulted back but lately the is a guy who is checking the room for those people and if he sees cheating or insulting people he terminates the game its is cool i guess because i reported those people a LOT to ubisoft is good but not when because them we cant play that round but we can just open another room and play and if the guy who was insulting or cheating comes if i am the host i just kick him out of the game sometimes they come a lot just to insult i hope ubisoft deleted their profiles or dont let them get in the multiplayer game well Which HAWX play the #1 or #2
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