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    About laboratory machines upgrade

    So, info window said, that after upgrade, there will be higher rewards. OK. I upgraded both lab machines to 4 level for now, and what can i tell - blood analysis machine really gives higher rewards in money at levels 2 and 3, compared to level 1. Level 4 seems veeeery small boost, actually invisible. What about other machine, where you need collect frames in pairs, seems everything is the same - where i collect 10 pairs mostly (it happens +/-1 mostly) rewards never climb higher than a 100 budget, they always variate about 30 to 50, like it was in 1,2 3 levels. If someone has rational explainment, that would be interesting to know.
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    We appreciate your comments, although this probably would be better off not posted in the Bugs Forum. You are always welcome to post questions like this in Feedback and Suggestions, but in any case we are always happy to look at customer comments and concerns and hopefully get them addressed as soon as practical. Thank you.
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    Well, its not a suggestion, its happening. How more i upgrade the **** Exam machine, the less rewards it gives me, no matter what, i always aquiring about 10 matches. What the hell...
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    Level 3 both, and getting lower budget...
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    I would contact support on this issue. Information on how to do that is here: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...ontact-Support .
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    I think there's something wrong with the exam machine (mine is at level 4), look at the screenshot: 15 matches and only $95 earned, you can make at least double with the blood machine (same level)
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    i got both machine lvl5 and increase isnt big. but its atleast some i get around 15-18 on blood and gain around 300 $ and mri around 25 i get 350-400
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    Everything's working as it is supposed to right now. We are always tweaking and adjusting things, and we thank you for playing and for your patience as the game evolves!

    House MD Team
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