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    Cant play campaign, keeps crashing on load

    First off, i have searched the internet for answers. I've looked for the 2008 C++ program (stated on other forums), but my computer does not have it. I HAVE removed 2 2008 C++ and 1 2010 C++ programs, to no avail (:P go figure)

    Everything in the game works fine, it looks amazing, but;
    1.) i can NOT view my graphic settings, the game freezes then crashes with an error report. I can however view the other setting tabs.
    2.) when i try to start the campaign i see the loading screen for about 8 seconds, then the game crashes and i see the start up menu (which i have the internet connection turned off)
    3.) idk if it means anything, but before i downloaded an update for my graphics driver, i could not do anything. I could only go to the museum, where i saw all black and some shades of blue (i presume its from water 0_o). I was asked by an Nvidia control panel(?) to change my computer's resolution. I did so, and out of nowhere i can play single missions and view the museum (it was laggy). After updating the driver the lag cleared away.

    What computer specs i know i use:
    Windows Vista 32-bit
    Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS, but i believe i've updated it (ill look again tomorrow)

    I have bought the game from Gamestop, and downloaded it over the web. I copied the installer to a flash drive in order to mWove it to my current computer (where i lack internet)
    Like i said above, the game works fine on other both the laptop and the computer.
    It ONLY has the problems i pointed out above on the computer, there are no problems on the laptop.

    I'm tired right now and that's all i can currently remember. Hopefully all of this is understandable.

    Any help would be approciated.
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    Correction, i got the game from Ubishop
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    Hello Fyrhawk504

    You will, at this point, need to contact Ubisoft Support so that they can dig a little deeper into the issue that you are having.

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