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    It just won't start

    I know it's only a few hours till the closed bata is over . But I just can't get the game to start. It has the START GAME button there (with the download bar blinking ). I click it, but it just won't work. Could anyone give me some advice? That would be great.
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    Hello GekoKevin,

    Send in a support ticket at http://ghostrecononline.us.ubi.com/support/ with a dxdiag and we can start troubleshooting the issue for you. Here's the steps if you aren't familiar:

    1. From Windows, click Start->Run
    2. In the Open: box, Type DXDIAG
    3. Click the save button to save the file as a text file in your Desktop.
    4. Click the back button in this browser and attach the file at the bottom of the page.

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