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    One game play suggestion: wrong diagnosis scenarious for clinic patients

    I love the game, very well done, ties in with the show, the story line, and characters are well written and its funny too. also like its has adult content like the show!

    One game play suggestion: wrong diagnosis scenarios for clinic patients!

    If we miss treat them they get sicker, or even die, would make the game more interesting and thought provoking,

    At the moment its entertaining, but a little point and click / mindless.

    love house m.d

    thanks for the game
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    Yes! I thought something similar. What about the emergency patients? If you don't click on them to assess them within a certain time, they get up and just die on the clinic waiting room floor and it has an effect on the other waiting room patients? Maybe they all leave because they're scared? Maybe an epidemic outbreak like in Theme Hospital, where you need to inoculate all the patients as quickly as possible?
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    agreed and taking a chance

    There is often a point where house takes a shot in the dark and could be very wrong and i think that there should be this option. Mabey have Wilson give tiny hints (because he always triggers house to think of the right diagnosis.). Other than that i love the game. Just my $0.02.
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    These are interesting suggestions! Thanks for your ideas!
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