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    I filled Online survey, but forgot to mention 1 thing

    Dear GRFS Developers,

    I I filled Online survey, but forgot to mention 1 thing. I love your graphics and Everything. Literally every thing. But the only thing I don't like is recoil. Too much recoil. The guns have too much recoil. What recoil I like? I like recoil of guns in MW3 (PP90M1, M4A1, Scar-L, MP7 etc etc etc). I like recoil of guns in BF3, All the guns in BF3.
    The recoil in GRFS is putting me off. Driving me off.

    So I thought I should let you what I don't like. Because there wasn't any portion in the survey which would let me tell you what I dislike about the game.

    I hope you would take my criticism positively

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    Originally Posted by Hyst3ricaL Go to original post
    I like recoil of guns in MW3


    EDIT: On a serious note, there were plenty of places for feedback in the feedback form.
    Almost every other question had a text box that allowed for miscellaneous comments.
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    MW3 has recoil? BF3's recoil is not even that much. Try BF2/ARMA recoil if you want recoil.

    GRFS probably has BF2 style recoil.
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    Maybe what I am trying to say is, for the mass people to try the game and stick to it, the game need to be little friendly. For a noobs like me, when I see my gun jerking and yanking, I am not using that gun again, and hence the game.
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    Yar.. that's one of the things that makes this game "unique". Just my opinon though, but I thought the recoil was tame in this game. Not being a ****, I still blow at keeping it steady, but it's decent for what it is.
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    Why is this in the PC forums exactly? Nobody outside of the devs has played it on PC, the the console beta wasn't even showing the finished product O-o
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    Thats why the 3 round burst fire is created and semi-auto those are the firemodes you use in real life not full auto
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