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    Selling Default Items

    Allow us to sell or trash default weapons/armor. I've got these things just sitting around in my inventory and I'm never going to use them again.
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    buy ALL the backpack expanders!

    I'm a little confused as to why this hasn't been addressed yet...

    One possible explanation: To stop players from accidentally screwing themselves out of an account.

    Imagine if all guns and equipment was sellable. Someone may accidentally sell all their weapons and equipment, now what do they fight with in-game?

    I know thats the longest of long shots, but man it can happen, little brother comes up to the computer while big brother (or sister) is in the bathroom, and goes "aw **** son, I can drag all these things!" and proceeds to drag the entire inventory into the trash. Now imagine the player has just spent all but 50 RP he has, and his little bro's trashed his inventory. He can't join games anymore, because he has no gun!

    Even worse if a hacker got hold of accounts, he could just buy a ton of stuff at the store, and sell everything, ruining the players account.

    Again, long long long shot, but you never know man, you never know
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    They're actually like that due to the old weapon shop style. Everything was rental only, so if your stuff expired you'd use your GI weapon. However, they changed it to permanent but never addressed the default stuff being unsellable.

    It'll probably be fixed at some point.
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    yeah since their probably isnt going to be a patch before CB ends hopefully it will be fixed when it goes open beta.
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    We are aware of this issue and will look into how default items behave in your inventory.

    Thanks for your feedback! Keep them coming

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