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    Event: Elite Ghost

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    The UK-Delta clan are more than ready
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    that was just way to easy
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    why is the beta oflfline?

    it says the beta is running until sunday night, its saturday and i can't play, why?
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    когда продолжение?
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    cant wait for it to be launched hurry up ubi lol great game 10 /10
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    why the game is still offline even its 11am to 11mp in the philippines our schedule for the game is 6pm to 6am but its off yyyy?http://s1236.photobucket.com/albums/...Untitled-2.jpg check this pict is 5:04am the game must be online
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    please be fast. i can't wait more
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    Dudes! It says May 11-12. This event is over!
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    game is still offline even 11am and 11pm ?????? yyy?
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