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    Which Settlers ersion to go multiplayer?

    I had Settlers 2 and 3 and I loved this game!

    Now I'm currently try Settelrs Online and it's too slow (it must be played once a while during several weeks). Is there a version of Settlers that I can get and with which I can be sure to find people online to go multiplayer? I heard that Settlers 7 has few players because of the DRM. What about Settlers 6 or Settlers 2 10th anniversay for example?
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    I play Settlers 7 and I love it. Maybe at first I didn't like the DRM but now I think I would be disappointed if they removed it. It gives the game a certain edge. You can play multiplayer or Empire games. Empire games put you on the leaderboards and are particularly fast and furious. How many players are there? I have 100 people on my friends list and if I see 10 of them on, thats a lot. I'm in Canada and most players are in Europe (particulaly Germany), so at night here I often see 0 people on. A new week started last night and at 21 minutes after midnight last night there were 4 people on the weekly leaderboard. That is one game. I think the week actually starts about 6:00 pm my time so that's pretty slow. It has been a slow week, I hope there is a reason and it will pick up again. Today, now 10:10 am my time, there are 100 people on the weekly board, lots of them have played more than one game, someone played 9 games already.

    I bought Settlers 6 because 7 is so great, but was disappointed. I can't be bothered playing it. Settlers 2 seems quite popular but I have no personal knowledge of it.

    Settlers 7 is not for everybody, I've seen references to a demo but I'm not sure there actually is one. Just because I like it, doesn't mean that you would. And if you aren't in Europe and don't have a rock solid internet connection and enough technical smarts to work through any problems that you might run into, I would say it might not be good for you. I hate to say that - I want more people to play.

    Edit: Found a post with info about the demo. It is not longer available, its servers were discontinued.
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    Ok thanks for the info!
    Unless someone else can tell something more about Settlers 2 10th anniversary, I guess I'm going to try Settlers 7
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