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  • I really like this change.

    7 5.74%
  • I somewhat like this change.

    3 2.46%
  • I am neutral on this change.

    4 3.28%
  • I somewhat dislike this change.

    12 9.84%
  • I strongly dislike this change.

    96 78.69%
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    Boxtrooper.exe's Avatar Member
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    Mar 2012
    I miss 40 minute games because if they're lasting 40 minutes, you've found a truly good game to play in... usually...

    Now it's anything past 20 minutes, and I feel like that's too short.
    Then I've gotta tell the fireteam that I've gotta relog due to the chat bug then log back in play for 20 minutes more, rine and repeat, til I give up and use teamspeak or ventrilo and stop caring about the chat system.
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    michaelbraid's Avatar Junior Member
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    May 2012
    I like the 2 round matches. Here's why...

    - I usually join matches via Quick Start because I play when i have time (which may be limited to 30 minutes). The team roster usually changes at the end of the final round. So the 2 round match gives me a chance to get a feel for how both my team and the OPFOR operate. I like the "continuity" offered by this configuration.

    - Like others have noted, it amends the battle to a longer contest (which promotes earning a bigger pile of loot... but that's another thread and another issue). Long and bloody, that's what I like about the game play. I will take a knock-down, drag-out draw for 40 minutes over a 10 minute victory any day... it means the contest was a good one.

    - The 2 round match creates a "balance", being that each team starts a round from each end of the map and each gets a run at offense and defense. That negates the complaints of one side having the "better" side of the map or the advantage of being offense or defense. However, when the matches are super-one-sided (poor match making), it detracts from the overall fun of play (and makes the second round a bit torturous). Ah, but that is also another thread and another issue...

    Thus, bring back the 2 round battles, I say you!!! (Insert Howard Dean war cry here...)
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