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    Shiny plastic guns - 5/10 patch

    The guns all seem to be covered in a layer of oil now. It really doesn't look very good :/
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    Yeah, to me it looks like they tried to "weather" all the guns. Doesn't make sense though, take a look at the MK 16 now... Most of that gun is made of polymer that doesn't "wear" to a different color. Only the upper receiver of the MK 16 is made of metal.
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    yea especially considering the whole back story of the game is that you are playing as special forces I would assume they would paint their guns a matte color as to be less visible.
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    I sorta like the new graphics makes the game look a little cleaner. It's not just the guns its on alot of textures. Not sure if they did that one purpose or maybe a side effect of it seemingly like they removed a lil more bloom from the game.
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