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    Sniper Rifle accuracy is now the same as Assault Rifle accuracy???

    This makes no sense at all... Sniper Rifles have been nerfed to where they now have the same accuracy as Assault Rifles, this means there is really no point in sniping anymore. You can just buy an AR, put a 4x scope on it and a bipod, and you're good to go. You also get better armor and full auto. Why use a sniper rifle if you can't hit a fist-sized target at 100m now. In real life, SR's can shoot less than 1MOA at 100m, now we will be struggling to shoot 6MOA at 100m. People are going to quit sniping with Recon and start sniping with Assault.

    This is a very BAD change for snipers and needs reverted back to how it was in .056. I already miss enough at long range because of the scope wobble and former accuracy, now I will be missing even more, and with a bolt action, you've effectively eliminated the usefulness of sniper rifles.

    This needs changed back.
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    I think that most problems with sniper rifles can be solved by two things.
    First, by having good maps. People who run straight in the open deserve to get shot. As long as maps provide cover I say let them have the range.
    Second, when you move to use the scope you should have that 1-2 second delay to get set and target. But once you are zoomed in waiting, you are good to go. Delay should be to account for distance, wind, falloff, whatever. Or If you dont want the delay, then make the player have to take things like distance into account and have to aim high and such. I am just opposed to being instantly able to snipe 100% at very long range.
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    After testing my SR out in a few matches, I am thoroughly disgusted at the level of accuracy now with Sniper Rifles. Scope stead in the prone position with a bipod, I cannot even hit a man's head at 80m every shot... I missed... and I didn't miss because of me, I missed because the gun is not accurate enough to hit a paper-plate sized target at 100m now. This is totally unrealistic and very aggravating for Snipers.

    On the other side of things, I have been shot at by Snipers while I was not moving and they missed, so now Snipers miss a lot more often, not because of their skill but because of the new inherit inaccuracy of their weapons. I would rather have the scope wobble back than to have no scope wobble and an inaccurate rifle. At least before I knew my gun was going to hit its target 95% of the time as long as I put the crosshairs on it, now, even with crosshairs between a person's eyeballs, I can still miss. This is not acceptable!
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    Originally Posted by HlGHGROUND Go to original post
    This is not acceptable!
    While I think snipers needed a bit of a nudge i nthe right direction I agree here.

    Because now we're going to get a swell of cloaked-SMG-toting lone wolfs, instead of actual snipers.
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    I am very happy with the changes made to scope wobble, I don't sway all over now, but the inaccuracy of sniper rifles is just unacceptable, these are highly accurate military rifles, missing a paper plate at 100m is not highly accurate. The only way that the current changes would be acceptable is if the prone position with a bipod got an accuracy boost comparable to while in cover. Otherwise, unacceptable.
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    i agree strongly with this is bull. They added spread to a scoped in ads shot now its completely random. Plus assault now have the superior weapon the mk16sv 101 accuracy and 620 ROF compared to my M-200SV 102 accuracy and 40 ROF. I might have the DMG but he has the ROF and accuracy to hit me more then me trying to line up 1 shot. You now lose fire fights at long range to a turtle shelled assault because you can't hit him and he is pumping rounds in your face. I got into a fire fight with another sniper it took us 7shots combined for one of us to land a hit. He was using the SR-25 he hit me once i got lucky landed the final shot. another case i was shooting at a specialist standing behind cover it took me 4 rounds to land a hit and that was zoomed to 12 power on my 2,5x12 and my crosshairs on his nose. i was watching my shots miss by like 3 inches around his head. Also a assault in the metro map he was standing still i was on the stairs so since a headshot is a gamble i figured i would chest shot him scoped in fired and a miss from the mid stairs in cover to the middle of C. He dove prone and 4 shots on target i was dead. I can understand accuracy being crappy when hip-fire but a scoped in shot should be on the money not in a dime size pattern around my crosshairs.
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    I was in a sniper fight last night, he missed me twice and i missed him once... he died, i lived because I had a semi auto. I was also trying to shoot an assault in cover, all i could see was the top of his head, I missed 4 times, by then he moved and someone else killed me. Totally unacceptable accuracy. At least with the scope wobble, I knew my bullet was gonna hit the target once i lined up the cross hairs, now I can't hit squat.
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    I'm going to buy the 2.5 - 12x scope today and then post how I feel. I personally used a 6x scope last not on my SR-25 SP (I think that's what it's called, it is the 8000 RP SR-25) and I noticed very little different in accuracy. In fact I noticed better shooting on my part than degraded shooting... Perhaps it's just because of the 6x scope. I'll try the 2.5-12 and then post what I think. Until then, keep shooting.

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    Testing out the SR-25 with 101 accuracy. From a supported position, with about 2 seconds between each shot, aiming for the bullet hole at the center of my crosshairs, I got the following shot pattern at 50m. Easily the size of a dinner plate. The top right shot would have been a miss if I had been aiming for a head.

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    Originally Posted by Compassghost Go to original post
    Testing out the SR-25 with 101 accuracy. From a supported position, with about 2 seconds between each shot, aiming for the bullet hole at the center of my crosshairs, I got the following shot pattern at 50m. Easily the size of a dinner plate. The top right shot would have been a miss if I had been aiming for a head.

    At 50m every bullet should be in the same hole with a sniper rifle, that pattern is so bad, you wouldn't even qualify as a marksmen sniper in the military. This is unacceptable!
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