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    Feedback... not good

    Hmmm, I see this game being similar to CSI Crime City for quite a few reasons:

    1) The plot for each "critical case" is just lol because all I see is House spitting out suggestions that the rookie tries, only to find the patient needing resuscitation every couple of minigames or the patient gets in a worse situation.

    2) I find it hard to get the money and quest items (e.g. favour points, oxygen masks, etc) but that's cos I tried to add people from my friends who played, only to find it doesnt work.

    3) The minigames are ok but very unchallenging. All you need to do is find one cell/pair to successfully complete the minigame in 30 seconds. I know that the more cells/pairs you find, the more money you get, but you still have 30 seconds to complete it. Why not give us that time limit to find at least 10 cells/pairs to successfully complete it? I always get 13-15 in each minigame. If I just take 1 cell/pair and win, it doesn't seem like a very "successful" completion.

    4) My avatar keeps switching to the default female character everytime I play. So I keep changing it back to my preferred character. Can you fix this? it's no big matter but I cant be bothered changing it everytime I play.

    Overall I give the game 3/5. It's not bad, but needs some work
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    Thank you for your comments. We are always trying to improve the game, and hope that you will stay with it and continue to play as it evolves.
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    Originally Posted by ubi-captherp Go to original post
    Thank you for your comments. We are always trying to improve the game, and hope that you will stay with it and continue to play as it evolves.
    It took me a while to realise that I could earn some quest items just by completing the mini side quests. Now I'm beginning to enjoy the game because it is also educational in a way . Keep it up!
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    It's so good to see this! Thank you for your update, and we really do want this game to be as good for players as it can possibly be! I am glad to see that you are enjoying the game more. Thanks!
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    I am new to the game and I am enjoying it so far.

    What I've noticed is that when you choose to treat a patient by giving them a medicine is that the money and experience I receive is pretty low, seems like 2 to 3 exp and also the money paid by each patient,the same goes for the emergency cases, I end up not getting no exp at all and a little cash when I finished it. I hope you can try to increase the reward a bit more.

    Also the energy used is too high like in conducting an investigation and lab test. A full energy are consumed within a few minutes of gaming. (I am also impatient waiting for my energy bar to full up). I hope an energy wouldn't be consumed when you click patients in the Clinic, since a player would also spend energy in conducting a lab test or by ordering meds.

    Great game though, been looking long enough for a different gaming experience in Facebook. More power
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    Thank you. It's good to know you all are listening. Two areas

    I believe that the amount of energy needed to complete certain tasks is too high and you have to leave the game for awhile after about 5 minutes because you are out of energy. This is especially problematic at lower levels. I am level six and it's hell the energy drains to quickly to really get a rythm going (clinic - tests - long term care) to get the things you need for the critical cases

    Suggest graduated energy requirement 8 to 10 energy should only be required for the higher levels.
    Suggest: Investigation (the find the hidden objects game) be reduced to 4 energy or 5 at most
    Suggest the lab tests and scans be reduced to 3 energy

    Consults for Ward patients.
    The 'recover time" for the ability to consult is too long. Currently it seems to be once a day, which really limits your ability to move Ward patients through.
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    We appreciate your observations and are constantly "tweaking" and evolving the game to make it more enjoyable for all players. Thank you very much for your note.
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    Love the game with 1 exception

    I have only been playing House MD for about a week and I really enjoy it. The only complaint I have is how quickly you run out of energy. I would love to be able to play longer without having to buy more energy all the time.
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    Thank you for your comments. You don't HAVE to buy anything, but only if you want to speed things up. I understand your complaint, and the game is constantly being fine-tuned. Perhaps this will be adjusted sometime in the future. Thank you.
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