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    Can not remove patient in blood lab.

    Since the maintenance, when I click on the patient in the blood lab, nothing happens. He just sits there. Help!!
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    I have the same problem please someone HELP!!
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    Im having the exact same problem and i need to use the lab! its soo annoying FIX pretty please
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    me too

    im having the same prob and i have ex****ation marks all over the place
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    I left a guy sitting in the blood work before the update and I can't interact with him, as well. Hope this gets fixed soon so I can get back to the story, since House is always demanding money from me.
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    apparently everyone is having this trouble. I even tried it on IE Firefox and google chrome and all the same results. they will prolly fix it tomorrow . or I hope so
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    Same problem please fix it
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    Please fix!!!!

    I have this same issue and i just bought more house dollars and i cant even use my lab to move forward in the story line.. So please get this fixed soon!!!!
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    We are aware of this issue, and additionally you may submit bug reports to http://bit.ly/KQ4SPJ .

    Thank you for your patience.
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    We are aware of the issue and should be doing a fix shortly. Thank you very much for your patience.
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