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    stuck person in blood lab

    hey I have the problem, my patient is stuck in blood lab and it is not possible to do anything, how can I play ? can someone fix this bug or no ?
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    I have the same problem who is going to fix it or my game is finishing with such a stuck person in blood lab ???????????????????
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    why can't i get my person out of the blood lab!!!!!!! this is getting really annoying and is stopping my game!
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    actually nevermind my earlier comment, now my MRI machine is showing update available and i have no trouble working on those patients. so it must be a bug in the blood lab.
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    We are aware of the issue and should be doing a fix shortly. Thank you very much for your patience.
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    if you have used the lab table so many times you have to wait for it to recharge or clinic on the patient themselves
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    Is this a solution, an observation, or another problem?
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    This problem has been solved and will be locked. Thank you.
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