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    Sniper exploit

    On Markov Station right after point C towards point D ther are on eihter side of the platform some metal walls/barriers.
    They have two uprights with inbetween a metal plate.
    A sniper can shoot through the small gap giving them too big an edge.
    I received heavy critcism from the other players that this would be impossible.
    As screenshot underneath demonstrates it is possible.
    However i can understand the other players point of view and agree with them.
    These walls could be replaced with solid concrete walls with no gap.
    Otherwise it's nearly impossible to counter this way of sniping.

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    there is loads of these kind of map holes in GRO
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    Yeah i know.
    Main reason why i posted this in the first place was because the responses i got.
    I was a hacker and it's impossible to shoot from where i was and all sorts.
    Next time i won't care what they say.
    Don't even play much as sniper anyway, just wanted to try cause it was the only thing i haven't tried.
    No that's not true, haven't tried the shotgun yet.

    But anyway maybe those sniper points can be a liitle modified for better balance.
    My concern is that snipers will have too much an adventage.
    Particularly on that specific map as it is so narrow with only two corridors.
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    Just been an update today with modifications to the weapons en markov station at point C and B.
    Rendering this mute as far as I'm concerned!
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