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    My guy is stuck in the blood lab for tests

    My patient is stuck in the blood lab and wont do anything.He is stuck in the chair.I even upgraded the machine ,but it didn't help..thanks
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    My patients

    They are stuck in the wards beds. Plz help me get them out. I need their reward points to finish a quest. Ty
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    Can we get a response or atleast some information when you will get a hotfix for the interaction with the patient in the blood works department not functioning?
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    Yeah, it's "just a game on FB," but I'm starting to seriously get annoyed here. We've been sending trouble reports, posting here, and hoping for a response from anyone and we still haven't seen one. I'm starting to consider finding one of those "review" websites and blasting these people.

    Seriously... Would it kill you developers to say "Hey, we are working on the problem. We're sorry for the glitch." That's all we wanna see y'all.
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    I am having the same problem, I have a guy stuck in the blood lab and I need it to finish a case. Fix it please.
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    bugs since maintenance

    When I log on to the game it doesnt show what i need to provide for one of the long term care patients and the other one when i go to fulfill the task it says the server has become self aware and to refresh and when i do it loses all my stuff i had gotten for the patient! The second problem is the people at the pharmacy it doesnt show whats dropped when i give them the meds!!!
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    My guy is still stuck in the blood lab i cannot get him out. He has been stuck since maintenance was done on the page. What do i need to do to get him out?
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    to Ladyesse nope they havent stated when it will be fixed as you can tell from above also I am about to check the bug forum to see if there is a update there as well.
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    today at 4:09pm whatever time the game developer or the ubi person from the forum is at, they stated they are working to fix it as we speak so give them anywhere to a day to possibly a week depending on how "important" they feel this is.
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    We are definitely aware of the problem and should have a fix soon. Thank you for your patience.
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