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    far cry 2 console- map editor isseu (please reply)

    hello, I have a unfinneshed MP map that I published back in 2008 under the name (hunterdrinkbeer). sence then I have changed my name to (hunters no good). now the problem I am having is after i downloaded it and work on it, I go to publish it and i get an error either the map name or the signiture is offensive (hunterdrinkbeer). I would like to know if it is possible for you guys to update the original signiture form (hunterdrinkbeer) to (hunters no good) for that map or just make it so that i may redownload it and republish it on my new gamertag. (hunters ll good) thanx and please reply
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    I've had that problem with a couple of my maps in the past, the last time it happened I gave up publishing it & a week or so later I tried again & it worked fine so I think it's some sort of glitch, MOST OF THE TIME. I can't think of anything else to do other than completely renaming the map to something entirely different.

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