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    Horse Saga Move to Horse Haven

    I am a Horse Saga Player and i am NOT happy that you want to merge Horse Saga with Horse Haven.
    How would you do that ? Transfer our level, our funds, all the HC we put into the game,
    to a game thats a step down in graphic, in gameplay, the genetics of a Horse breeding game.
    As in Horse Saga i send gifts and samples at my own leisure,
    in Horse Haven you have to request for everything just to be able to build anything.

    I am utterly convinced that Horse SAGA in itself is a very wonderful game, and
    has no rival anywhere in the Horse Game Community.
    The genetics system is wonderful. Buggy sometimes, but we fans stuck with you through all of them !

    Now we are being rewarded that you force move us to another game,
    which simply lacks the the level of detail to the Horses and genetics.

    Horse Saga Community is going NUTS over the fact that you want to take Horse Saga away.
    I am aware that it may have financial reasons, which i can not even fathom, but please,
    either let the game go out gracefully or continue it.

    Merging it with a game simply inferior hurts all us faithful players.

    Thank you !
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    Horse saga moving to horse haven

    NO! This is wrong on so many levels, especially for players who have been on HORSE SAGA for more than a couple of months. Most of us are ADULTS, for crying out loud! HORSE HAVEN is so clearly aimed at a juvenile audience under the age of 12.

    I've looked at HH and tried it out. I concur with most players. It's clunky, it's slow to play, the graphics' quality is horrible, it takes forever to advance AND you can't interact with fellow players. What the heck is that?

    HORSE SAGA is a "community" first and foremost. We interact with one another---even if sometimes we don't agree and occasionally get annoyed with one another and "unfriend" each other. But that's our prerogative. We share breeding information, cheer each other on, console each other over personal crisis. To move HS to HH would be criminal.

    Ubisoft: what you're proposing will lose you a substantial clientèle. I have just one word of advice for you. DON'T!
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    I wrote on so many places, so I will write here too, cause our voices and rights cannot just be ignored!!!

    Im playing horse saga for more then one year, just like many of my friends and neighbors.
    Developers have no right to push us into a game we don't want to be in.
    We started to play horse saga to play exactly this, not to be merged with some game that we don't like and don't play.

    Develope Horse haven by itself, and not by taking players and their accounts from Horse saga!!!! We refuse to be a part of this process, and if needed we will find a way to fight for our rights. Many of us payed real money for this game, and it cannot be taken away and pushed by force to something completely else, that it wasn't even mentioned in agreement and terms of use!!!

    We have put up with all through months of playing, we were ignored so many times, almost nothing changed in game since it started, you didn't do any new items except the ones we need to pay real money for (such as goodies). We even put up with ugly Clyde that you asked our opinions for and still did it your way without listening to us.

    We did our own groups, interact with each other, do breedings and have one active community involved with Horse saga and most of us are adults!!!!

    We don't want to play some game that looks like made for kindergarden children, and lose all we were doing for more then one year!!!!!!! Stop this process of merging 2 games with different meaning, different way of playing, and the most important different type and profile of players.

    Just because we love horses it doesn't mean we like every game made about them or with them !!!! It will only bring problems, and if you thought that with this way you will get more players and fans of Horse haven you are wrong! I allready blocked it (never tried to play), many other players did they same, the only result of this thing will be that you will ruin our horses and all the things we have ever done in Horse saga, you will lose about probably half million of players or more, so count how many voices are this, and how bad reputation will go out of this thing.
    Because if this really happens we will all do our best to spread the word on facebook and further that you are the worst company ever, that you don't care about your players, about the money they spend on gaming and that everyone should just block all of your games. Especially ones that played Horse saga.
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    I am a Horse Haven player from the closed Beta. I commented on the VIP forum as to what was seriously wrong with the game from the best money maker being emptying poop boxes, (what?), to the confusing quest line, and even trying to figure out how on earth to breed horses that will not retire at the age of 8. I will most likely be quitting horse haven because I'm not seeing bugs fixed, (I can't add stalls to my nursing stable and yes I reported it) the horses don't look different, and the weeds are so way out of control that a casual player will NEVER be able to play with their horses because you constantly spend energy on clearing the property.

    Now you tell me you are going to merge Horse Saga with Horse Haven? Why? Why would you take a game that people can play on their own terms to a game that has to be babysat to pull weeds? Why would you merge a lovely game with beautiful artistry, an amazing genetic code, and the ability to no nag friends everytime time you play. I will be quitting Horse Haven if you go through with this and get rid of Horse Saga. I know which game I prefer and which game is better. Figure out how to make Horse Saga better, more breeds, more stalls, and fix the bugs.
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    Don't Do It!

    I am very upset with the decision to move Horse Saga to Horse Haven. I don't know how you thought this would go over. But, I guess, as usual, you don't care.

    You are not only getting rid of a game, you are ending a community and a culture. Most of us are horse people. We have horses, have had horses, or want horses. We understand horses and join together to learn more about horses. Horse Saga, though it had its faults, was the closest thing to real life that I could imagine. I was thrilled in finding it. I spent uncountable hours perfecting my breeds and sharing my results with my community.

    Now I'm just supposed to roll over and accept this goofy looking game? You should have just named it Horseville. I am not interested in playing Horse Haven, and I do not appreciate your assumption that I would just transition into the change. I will not be playing it or any other Ubisoft game ever. Furthermore, I will spread the word that people should not even start playing Ubisoft games, because the game could end abruptly at any time.

    My hope is that you will reconsider the ending of Horse Saga. Sell it to another company, transfer it to a website, or keep running it. If you choose to go forward with this, than %&$# you and the stupid looking cartoon horse you rode in on.
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    I am totally, 100% in agreement here. Horse Saga is basically the only reason I get on Facebook. If Horse Saga goes away, I'm completely done both here at Horse Haven and Facebook in general. Horse Saga was such a good breeding set-up, good atmosphere, no wall-postings...it was nothing like the rest of the Facebook games. Now there's Horse Haven, modeled after Farmville and with very little to look forward to. I was waiting to do a few more things in Horse Haven, then that was going away and out of my life. Horse Saga I've played since it was Horse Gaga, which was more than a year and a half ago.

    Maybe this is a good thing--it will make you realize how good a thing you had going with a simple game like Horse Saga. Besides, it will cure me of Facebook and the computer if you take it away!
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    No Horse Saga--No Me!

    Hope I've helped some of you out here at these forums and in Horse Haven & Horse Saga. I'm deactivating my Facebook account and deleting both games since Horse Saga is no longer going to exist after June. Horse Haven ain't Horse Saga, and I'm tired of Farmville type games. Better anyway--I've got real horses to ride in real life!

    Best of luck to all of you, some of you Horse Saga players are wonderful people and have been truly great friends!
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    Some here. I am quitting Horse Haven today. It is not Horse Saga. The game is NOT Horse Saga, and I have to babysit it all day. Not my thing, there are better farming games out there with better graphics and stories. I love breeding but hate the look of the horses in Horse Haven, they are not elegant. Sorry, you get rid of Horse Saga, you lose my support with the game that is less satisfying to play.
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    I'm considering quitting and have given up on doing anything with Horse Saga. Part of the appeal of Horse Saga was that 1) it wasn't cutesy cartoony like most games, and 2) there was no bloody FARMING! This clearing weeds stuff and planting carrots and apples stuff is utter crap. You play one Zynga Game you played them all including this game.
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    Add my objection to the rest. I'm not a child, I find Horse Haven 100% inferior to Horse Saga in every single way
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