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    Please add me. I play every day. Well, several times every day, OK I live in the game lol. I do help as well as send gifts although I'm not yet sure what they are. Please add me. TY
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    Add Me!

    Hi all,
    I play every day and am looking for new friends to add. Please add me!

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    Add Me Plse!!

    Daily Player - Add Me Plse

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    Lost over a year of progress because my daughter downloaded it onto her ipad! HELP!

    My daughter reset my level 49 2 million coins 1300 diamonds over 100 friends account to the beginning and I am HEARTBROKEN!I currently have two friends could you please add me?
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    Need friens. Thankshttps://www.facebook.com/marya.nadamas1
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    Add me as a neighbour please. Am on Android.
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    I need lovely neighbors ❤
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